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Welcome to our waste management solutions for Northern California, where Global Trash Solutions (GTS) is dedicated to providing businesses with the highest standard of service. In this dynamic, fertile region, known for its commitment to sustainability and innovation, GTS offers a range of specialized equipment and consulting services designed to meet the unique waste management needs of area businesses.



    Waste Management Solutions in Northern California

    Waste management solutions

    Global Trash Solutions is committed to delivering top-tier waste management solutions across Northern California, providing comprehensive services to ensure businesses can handle waste efficiently and sustainably. Our available products and services include:

    • Waste Consulting – We analyze your waste streams to offer specific advice on enhancing your recycling
    • Waste Brokerage – Our skilled waste brokers negotiate with local waste disposal and recycling providers to reduce costs.
    • Industrial Waste Compactors – Our product range includes high-quality waste compaction equipment that is ideal for managing large volumes of waste material.
    • Recycling Baler Solutions – From vertical balers to horizontal balers and more, we equip businesses to manage recyclables more effectively.
    • Recycling Systems – We design systems designed to handle many types of waste—plastics, metals, textiles, paper products, and more—to ensure that valuable materials are reclaimed.
    • Trash Compactor and Baler Repair Services – Our maintenance services help minimize downtime, keeping your operations smooth.
    • Custom Waste Equipment – Specialized solutions like custom compactors and balers designed to meet the specific needs of your business.
    • Leasing and Rental Options – GTS offers various leasing and rental options for our equipment, so businesses can manage costs and adapt to changing solid waste management

    By employing these services, businesses in Northern California can not only comply with environmental regulations but also achieve long-term cost savings.

    California Waste Management Regulations

    California waste management

    The NorCal region is governed by strict waste management regulations enforced by the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle), which oversees recycling and waste disposal activities across the state. Global Trash Solutions aids businesses in complying with these regulations by:

    • Ensuring Compliance – GTS stays updated with the latest regulatory changes and helps businesses align their operations accordingly.
    • Assisting Audits – We offer assistance in preparing for and undergoing waste management audits, ensuring all practices meet state standards.
    • Providing Guidance – Our waste consultants provide expert advice on how to implement regulatory requirements into day-to-day operations, focusing on areas like recycling mandates and waste reduction.

    With GTS’s expertise, businesses in Northern California can ensure they not only comply with the law but also contribute positively to the region’s environmental goals.

    Finding the Best Waste Management Services in NorCal

    waste-Management services in norcal

    Choosing the right waste management provider is essential for businesses in Northern California looking to enhance efficiency in waste collecting and recycling. Partnering with Global Trash Solutions offers a way to meet the sustainability goals set by the local government.

    GTS brings a blend of expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and customer-focused service to the table, ensuring that every aspect of your waste management strategy is optimized. Whether you need a better waste removal process or just a new cardboard baler, we can help.

    From supplying businesses with heavy-duty industrial balers and compactors to providing expert waste consulting and brokering, we aim to support Northern California’s diverse industries. Whether you’re looking to reduce your solid waste volume, streamline your recycling process, or ensure compliance with regulations, GTS provides the expertise necessary to achieve cost-effective and sustainable waste management solutions.

    By working with GTS, businesses gain access to industry-leading sustainability solutions that minimize waste volume and streamline the recycling process. Our waste management solutions make us an ideal partner for any Northern California business aiming to reduce their environmental impact while improving operational effectiveness. Contact us today!