Commercial Waste Management Services in New Jersey

When you are looking for cost-effective waste management services in New Jersey, the challenges of navigating the options available can be daunting. Regulations govern commercial solid waste disposal, waste transportation, and recycling services in the Garden State. Global Trash Solutions partners with many New Jersey businesses to provide business solutions, waste management equipment, and waste brokerage services that can cut costs by 35% or more.

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    Commercial Waste Management Solutions for NJ Facilities

    Waste management solutions

    Waste removal can be a big cost of doing business for manufacturers and commercial facilities in New Jersey. Retail stores and restaurants may need to comply with zero waste initiatives, and marine-based businesses need emergency repair services at the dock.

    The waste consultants and waste brokers at GTS have the network of connections and industry know-how to improve waste management plans and lower waste costs at one location or across multiple facilities. In addition to servicing compactors, vertical balers, and horizontal balers, we also offer:

    • Waste consulting and solid waste planning services – GTS has industry-trained consultants available to help you use tools like waste audits and invoice analysis to improve your waste and recycling programs.
    • Waste and recycling brokers familiar with New Jersey markets – We can leverage our network of licensed waste management companies to get you the best rates and prevent overage fees and rising rates by waste transporters or your current waste and recycling partners.
    • Sales and professional repair service on trash compactors and cardboard balers – GTS provides the right commercial grade equipment for your industry or application, and offers reliable compactor and baler repair and maintenance service for all models.
    • Sustainability solutions and compliance resources – GTS partners with businesses and manufacturers all across the state, helping them navigate solid waste management and the hazardous waste industry and reclaiming food waste and recyclable materials in line with New Jersey waste management regulations.

    New Jersey Waste Management Requirements

    New jersey waste management

    The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection regulates the waste industry in the Garden State. All waste brokers and waste removal companies must have a NJ A-901 license to operate within the state. Your GTS waste broker will ensure that all of your trash pickup or waste and recycling vendors are properly licensed.

    Making sure that your waste management program meets local regulations and aligns with your sustainability journey will protect your business reputation and reduce liability risks. Global Trash Solutions will work with your team to reduce the amount of waste generated with better solid waste management planning, the right waste compactors and balers, and the best possible rates on waste management services in your area.

    Professional Waste Management Services for Businesses in New Jersey

    Garbage compactors

    How long has it been since your waste management costs have been analyzed or you shopped for better prices on waste disposal? Regulations and requirements are always changing, and innovative technology has improved garbage compactors, recycling equipment, and food waste composting in ways that can save money and improve employee productivity.

    You can schedule a free consultation with GTS today, or have our service technicians onsite quickly for preventative maintenance or compactor repair or baler repair. We can conduct a waste audit, review your receipts, and analyze your recycling program to help you leverage all opportunities for your business.