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    Types of Balers

    B4 Baler

    B4 Baler

    The Model B4 is powerful and compact. This baler is a small machine that packs a powerful punch with high press force and an automatic ejection system. Users safely eject finished bales using the two-hand ejection system.

    Vertical B20 Baler

    Vertical B20 Baler

    The B20 is a highly flexible machine. It is suitable for many different applications e.g. larger retail shops, stores and different industries. Compact different types of recyclable materials including cardboard, paper, and soft plastic.

    Vertical VB Baler

    Vertical VB Baler

    The revolutionary design of the V* Baler offers safety and simplicity like not other on the market. A gas spring loaded gate solves the age-old chain, sprocket and pulley reliability problem.

    Blue colored Horizontal Auto Tie

    Horizontal Auto Tie

    The H2R-60 Auto Tie is the flagship of the GTS range of horizontal balers. This two ram, auto tie baler is designed for Material Recovery Facilities, Recycling Centers, and Distribution Centers.

    Horizontal Closed End Baler

    Horizontal Closed End Baler

    The GTS HH-60 Closed End Horizontal Baler is ideal for warehouses and designed for ease of installation, operation and maintenance.

    Wide Mouth Horizontal Baler

    Horizontal Wide Mouth Baler

    The GTS HE-60 Horizontal Wide Mouth Baler is designed with the largest clear top opening which is 22.5% larger than our largest 72” Horizontal Baler and can be used with or without a conveyor system.

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    Clients we Serve

    Clients we serve