Why the Cram-A-Lot Trash Compactor Is the Best Trash Compactor on the Market Today

by Global Trash Solutions

When you are shopping for an industrial compactor for your business, you need to evaluate and consider what type of compactor can provide you with the best return on your investment. Whether you lease or purchase the commercial trash compactor, you still need to complete this process.

self contained trash compactor

For instance, the Cram-A-Lot trash compactor from Global Trash Solutions offers a wide range of benefits and is perfect for a variety of business operations, including retail stores, grocery stores, food processing plants, hotels, factories, restaurants, and more.

Some of the features that make the Cram-A-Lot trash compactor the best self-contained compactor on the market today include:

  • The industrial compactor is offered in a variety of sizes from 10 yards up to 38 yards.
  • The Cram-A-Lot is customizable with different features and options like chute, dock, and full enclosures.
  • The industrial compactor has the biggest press break available on the market today.
  • The commercial compactor has the fewest welds—only two—in its construction to offer superior corrosion resistance. Other manufacturers use multiple sheets of steel and welds, which increases the risks of corrosion.
  • The Cram-A-Lot can be set up to fit your specific needs, such as walk-up, walk-on, drive-up, and drive-on, as well as chute delivery so you can add trash to the compactor without having to go outside.
  • The self-contained compactor has a special design to help keep animals and rodents from getting into the trash.
  • The industrial compactor is self-contained. The hauler takes the entire compactor to the dump to empty it.
  • The waste compactor is leak-proof to keep liquids inside where they belong.

Stakes Of Compacted Garbage

  • It is easy to operate, and no special training is required to simply add trash and push a button.
  • The commercial compactor can be locked to prevent unauthorized use.
  • The self-contained compactor has a built-in fluid collection chamber to prevent fluid leaks, reduce odors, eliminate spillovers, and prevent trash from falling out or blowing away.
  • Its self-contained feature stops “dumpster divers” from picking through your trash and waste.
  • We are the only company that offers complete customization options on self-contained waste compactors.

How the Cram-A-Lot Commercial Compactor Can Save You Money

Take a moment and look at your current waste disposal method—like just tossing trash bags and loose waste into a dumpster. The problem with this method is you are wasting a lot of valuable space inside that dumpster that could be filled with additional trash and waste.

What takes up this space? Air, of course. There is excess air left in trash bags. When you pile trash bags on top of each other, there is open air space in between the bags. Now, toss in loose waste and there is even more air space left over.

By compacting your waste and trash into neat and tidy waste cubes, you are pressing out all that excess air. By removing the air, you reclaim all that lost space.

Waste haulers typically charge by the trip. So, if you are having to get your dumpster emptied daily, you are throwing money away. By compacting your trash, you will require fewer trips to haul away waste. By reducing the number of trips to two or three a week, you are cutting your weekly waste hauling expenses in half or more!

For further information about the Cram-A-Lot industrial trash compactor and to discover how you could cut your waste management costs, please feel free to contact Global Trash Solutions at 866-760-8194 to speak with one of our waste management consultants today!

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