Why Should You Consider Commercial Baler or Compactor Rental?

by Global Trash Solutions

Most businesses generate a large amount of waste and recyclable materials and realize that they can drastically reduce their waste management budget by using a commercial trash compactor and/or a recycling baler. While waste management equipment can pay for itself over time, it can be daunting to make the investment in buying the equipment your business needs.

Considering commercial compactor rental can provide many benefits over buying your own equipment or going without. What are the advantages of commercial baler and compactor rentals?

1. Cost-Effective for Your Business

Renting a trash compactor saves your business money in two ways. It allows you to make use of commercial waste management equipment for a small monthly fee while you simultaneously gain the ability to drastically reduce your trash pickup and recycling hauling expenses.

Additionally, you save employee time breaking down boxes and carrying full trash bags to the dumpster and can reduce inventory losses that might happen with uncompressed trash. The cost-savings of having a commercial cardboard baler and trash compactor on site can more than pay for the monthly cost of the rental.

2. Eliminate Maintenance and Repair Costs on Older Equipment

If you have an aging garbage compactor or baler at your business, it can begin to cost you more money as time goes by. Breakdowns not only require expensive service calls, they also result in garbage or packing materials piling up.

When you rent commercial waste management equipment, maintenance and repair costs are included. You can have brand new rental equipment installed and operational, eliminating costly repairs and eventual breakdowns. New trash compactors are far more efficient and safe to use than older models you might have onsite.

3. Enhancing Your Company’s Greener Image

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are an important part of your company’s mission and brand image. By renting a commercial garbage compactor and baling your recycling, your business helps reduce waste reaching landfills and pollution related to garbage pickup and transport.

In the market for reusable raw materials like cardboard, clean bales have greater value than loose or bagged mixed recyclables. In many cases, bales of uncontaminated paper, cardboard, and textiles will be picked up for free and then make it back into the consumer market as valuable products rather than be discarded due to contamination.

4. Conserving Working Capital and Improving Cash Flow

Investing in commercial waste management equipment makes good financial sense for many businesses, but renting is sometimes a more effective way to manage your budget. Large equipment purchases must be depreciated over time as assets, while rental equipment is a fixed waste management expense that is usually tax deductible.

Apartment trash compactor

Finding the Best Baler or Compactor Rental for Your Business

Global Trash Solutions offers large and small businesses some of the best equipment in the waste management industry, available for sale or rent. This puts the advantages of space saving, safety, cleanliness, and sustainability within reach for any size facility, manufacturing company, or retail store.

We offer a free consultation to help you choose the best equipment for your specific needs, with services like waste stream audits and waste brokers who can negotiate your hauling and handling contracts to your advantage. Contact our waste consultants today to find out more about renting a cardboard baler or trash compactor designed for the volume and types of waste your business generates.

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