How Businesses Can Stop Overspending On Waste Management

by Global Trash Solutions

With the end of the decade soon approaching and the start of 2020, now is the time to make the perfect New Year’s Resolutions for your business: Stop overspending on waste management costs. Most businesses do not even know that they are overspending in the first place.

entrepreneur on arrogant face wasting money

They just assume the latest price hike from their hauler is to help the hauler keep up with increased expenses on their end—like paying their employees, buying fuel, and maintaining their garbage truck fleet. Often, waste hauling services are already overpriced, with many haulers passing along their expenses to their customers.

Another way businesses waste money on waste costs is not treating problems as problems. Sadly, businesses also think that it will take too much time to fix problems and get any noticeable savings. Rather than address problems, they instead spend time and resources looking for ways to try to compensate for the problems caused by their waste hauler that should never have occurred in the first place.

How to Take Control and Stop Overspending on Waste Management Expenses

Deciding to conduct a detailed review and audit of your waste expenses is just the first step to taking control. Yet, the time needed to perform such an audit and review can seem overwhelming. Certainly, you can look at past invoices and bills, but do you really know what to look for to find out where you are being overcharged?

This is where getting help from an experienced waste management consultant is very beneficial. Your consultant will help you conduct a detailed and extensive waste management audit. They will review your current waste and recycling processes. They will also find out what type of waste equipment and dumpsters you are using.

After gathering this information, they will prepare a detailed report showing where you are overspending and which of their waste consulting services could help lower your costs. At Global Trash Solutions, we offer a free, no-obligation waste analysis and audit.

By taking advantage of our help, you can free up your time and that of your employees to concentrate on other vital business functions and tasks. Our goal is to help you find ways to reduce your cost, increase your bottom line, and improve waste management efficiency.

The second step in the process is implementing the solutions your waste management consultant identified that would save you money. You can rest easy knowing we have a proven track record of helping businesses save money. On average, our consultants have helped businesses of all sizes cut their waste costs by 35% or more!

If you combine that with the potential cost-savings of adding a trash compactor or baler, you could save even more money on your waste costs. We can even help you discover new revenue streams by selling recycled materials to the right buyers!

If you are tired of being taken advantage of by your waste hauler and feel like you have been taken hostage, please feel free to contact Global Trash Solutions at 866-760-8194 today! Our experienced waste consultants are ready to help set you free and find the best savings to reduce your waste management costs with our waste consulting services and put money back into your pocket.

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