Why 2021 Is the Year to Get a Compactor

by Global Trash Solutions

With the increased cost of doing business and so much on the line when it comes to cleanliness, 2021 is the time to invest in the best garbage compactor for your company. The global trash compactor market is now valued at about $352.9 million USD.1 It’s expected to grow significantly, over the next five years, across various sectors and applications.

Waste consultants are providing access to some of the best equipment on the market. Your business may not be familiar with waste compaction. However, a consultant can help your industrial, marine offshore, retail, food, storage/logistics, hotel, or other facility see these benefits of such a system—starting now.

Cost Reduction

Sure, a trash compactor requires some up-front investment, but think of the volume of waste your business has been producing. Without a compactor, frequent trash pickups may be costing you substantially more. These costs are impacted by everything from use of garbage bags to excess volume of material, to the manpower needed to manage waste removal, not to mention the amount of truckloads needed. A commercial garbage compactor can reduce trash volume to a fraction of before, which can lead to significant savings.

A Cleaner Trash Area

Every facility needs space to store trash, but that doesn’t mean having a filthy corner or alleyway is your destiny. Put all your garbage in a self-contained compactor. There will be no liquid spills, trash spewing all over the place, or foul odors. The system can also keep rodents, bugs, and other wildlife away so your facility is code-compliant and safe.

Improved Safety

Compactors help deal with the byproducts of waste. Aside from reducing the risk of contact with rodents or insects, they also eliminate potential exposure to bacteria that thrive on heat and liquid in an open dumpster; you don’t need that on top of COVID-19 concerns. The number of collection trucks on site is reduced, as well, reducing safety risks and concerns with unauthorized access. Compactors also eliminate the need for manual breakdown of waste and can safely contain combustible materials.

Environmental Preservation

Sealed compactors prevent trash from blowing around in the wind and creating litter. They also reduce the volume of garbage in landfills, as well as contribute to less ground and water pollution. Advertising your green waste management efforts can have advantages, especially if your plan includes a trash compactor for recycling.

Save Space

If you have a large area taken up by dumpsters, replacing them with a single commercial compactor can free up significant space. Perhaps it can be used for storage, manufacturing/office space, or a loading dock. The investment can practically transform your business.

Order a Commercial Garbage Compactor Today

Cram-A-Lot X-Press Pack Trash Compactor

You probably don’t need a top-of-the-line landfill compactor to see all these benefits. We can help you choose a compactor with the capacity, size, and features suited for your facility. At Global Trash Solutions, we specialize in the latest products, as well as industry-leading waste consulting and brokering services. Call 866-760-8194 to learn more and obtain a free quote.


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