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Who Provides Recycling for Businesses in Houston, TX?

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  • Do you own a business in Houston that involves structures such as a manufacturing facilities, distribution hubs, multi-unit chain retail outlets, or a shipping and receiving department?
  • Are you seeking recycling options for your company in the greater Houston area?
  • Are you motivated to increase the “P” and decrease the “L” on your P&L statements?
  • Have you been educated about recycling for your business, and if so, by whom?

Most businesses in the greater Houston region that generate enough waste for their cost of disposal to be of concern have explored recycling in some respect. However, there is a large amount of misinformation that comes from some members of the waste hauling community. Recyclable materials such as cardboard, plastics, paper, aluminum, steel, wooden crates, pallets, and organics can all be sold as commodities under the right conditions. Some of these items require processing to become valuable. However, many can be picked up loose and brought to a processing facility at little to no charge. Some companies even offer considerable rebates for these items.

On the other hand, many of the refuse haulers in Houston charge customers an arm and a leg to pick up items such as cardboard, and then turn around and sell them to a commodities broker once they have been processed at the sort facility. Every year, tons and tons of these raw materials are sold to overseas customers after businesses in America have paid haulers every month to pick them up! It is also worth noting that while some areas of Houston have “franchise agreements” – agreements which require businesses to use one particular hauler – only apply to waste materials, not recyclables.

It is very important that you, the business owner or manager, have a realistic idea of what value can be recovered from your waste stream, and whether you require equipment to recover the money available to you. Even if you purchase your own recycling equipment, it often pays for itself in a matter of months because of the money companies will pay you for the material.

Global Trash Solutions (GTS) is a valuable resource for Houston businesses, as we know the market better than anyone due to our experience with dozens of service providers there. Please contact GTS today at (866) 760-8194 to get an objective idea of what options are available to you. Our mission is to save businesses money on waste and recycling service!