What You Need to Know About Waste Consultants, Waste Brokers, and Waste Haulers

by Global Trash Solutions

No matter what kind of business you run, you already know waste management is an important part of operations, from how much trash you produce to the way you dispose of it. How well do you understand what your options are? Take a closer look at what waste consultants, waste haulers, and waste brokers really do.

Similar Titles with Different Levels of Service

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Despite their very similar terminology, each of these waste management service providers operates differently. Before you choose a particular service for your business needs, make sure you understand these different services and how they might (or might not) fit into your plan.

Waste Consultants

Waste management consulting companies—like Global Trash Solutions—are in many ways the most thorough. Although we do not actually handle the pick-up and disposal of waste, we perform a thorough analysis of existing waste management plans and provide front-end solutions for things like streamlining waste handling procedures, saving money, coordinating disposal, performing ongoing regular audits, and reducing the overall volume of waste.

In addition to the analysis, coordination, and improvement of your waste management plan, a waste management consultant is typically able to offer the greatest transparency with regard to pricing and invoicing.

Waste Brokers

Waste brokers are similar to consultants but fall somewhere between consultants and haulers. Depending on the company, a broker may or may not perform recurring audits or provide as much transparency with regard to invoices.

Like consultants, brokers don’t do any of the pick-up or disposal themselves. Instead, they serve as an intermediary between clients and waste haulers, handling all of the arrangements and taking care of payments to the hauling company.

Waste Haulers

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While consultants and brokers provide services for improving waste management plans and saving money throughout the process, waste haulers come in toward the end of the chain. They can’t help you find solutions for issues farther upstream, but they will take care of the pick-up and disposal of waste using their own trash equipment.

What Does Your Business Need?

How do you decide whether you need a solid waste consultant, waste broker, or waste hauler? First, start by looking at the issues you currently have. If your primary problem is that you need someone to help with the disposal process, you might simply need the help of a waste hauling company. If you see problems with wasteful practices and/or systemic issues, on the other hand, you might look for a broker or consultant.

If you want help improving waste management, as well as dealing with your waste hauler, a broker might be a good choice for you. If you’d rather handle all business with the hauler directly, consider a consultant.

Professional Waste Management Consulting from Global Trash Solutions

If you’re ready to streamline your waste management plan, discover opportunities to save money, and reduce your company’s impact on the environment, call us today at (866) 760-8194 to learn what we can do for you.

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