What Is a Waste Broker and What Do They Do?

by Global Trash Solutions

All businesses have complex waste management needs, and waste brokers can provide affordable, compliant solutions for any size business or facility. The professional national waste brokers at Global Trash Solutions are industry experts who can help your business lower waste management costs while implementing waste reduction and recycling strategies.

Our national waste management brokers have been helping businesses like yours analyze their current processes and implement greener, more cost-effective solutions since 2008. Staying clear of fines from regulatory authorities and unnecessary fees from your waste hauling company protects your green business reputation and your waste management budget.

Waste brokers use industry tools like waste audits and dumpster cameras to improve the way your business handles solid waste and recyclables, putting an end to contaminated or rejected recycling products and reducing the volume of waste going to landfills. Combined with the ability to leverage better contract prices for waste hauling nationwide, GTS waste brokers work for you to lower costs and improve compliance.

This infographic answers the questions many business owners and facility managers have about what a national waste broker does and why partnering with GTS can save 35% or more over your current waste management costs. Find out more about the national waste management brokers from Global Trash Solutions or contact us for a free quote for our services today!

What Is a Waste Broker Infographic

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