What Is a Chute-Fed Trash Compactor?

by Global Trash Solutions

Many high rise buildings and hospitals have a garbage chute system for convenient trash disposal, but where does all that commercial waste go? What is a chute-fed trash compactor and how does it work?

Chute-Fed Trash Compactors Explained

Those trash chute systems lead into a special type of garbage compactor that is equipped with a hopper. A chute-fed compactor has an open top that leads into a compactor chamber.

Usually much larger than standard trash compactors, a chute-fed trash compactor can drastically reduce the cubic yard volume of trash a facility needs to have hauled away. A chute-fed compactor is designed to handle a larger volume of waste than traditional trash compactors, with heavy-duty components and built-in safety features.

Who Uses Compactors and Trash Chute Systems?

  • Hospitals, nursing homes, and multi-story health care facilities
  • Office buildings, apartment buildings, and other high-rise buildings
  • Resorts, hotels, casinos, and dormitories
  • Any commercial setting where trash room space is at a premium
  • Facilities with multi-story buildings looking to reduce their waste management costs

How a Trash Chute System Works

Trash is fed into these powerful units by gravity or hopper systems, rather than being hand fed. When the trash comes down the chute and enters the compactor, a powerful ram compresses the material into a dense brick. This is disposed of in a bag or container sized for the machine.

The process is safe, sanitary, and fully automatic. A commercial trash compactor can achieve the highest rates of cubic yard compaction for residential mixed waste resulting in less volume of waste for pickup and disposal. Trash compaction also reduces insects, rodents, and odor associated with garbage storage.

Adding or Upgrading a Trash Chute System

You can add a new chute-fed trash compactor to replace an aging model or a chute system that drops uncompressed garbage into containers. This apartment trash compactor uses a two- to three-yard front load or rear load container where overall space utilization is critical. A GTS chute-fed compactor can be leased or financed at an affordable rate that can pay for itself in reduced trash hauling fees.

Global Trash Solutions has units that work with high-rise chute hoppers, ground feed systems, and special installations. Our consultants can help you determine the best system for your building and provide a free quote for purchase, financing, or leasing.

We have the right compactor system to solve your waste management problems or sort recycling, and we can leverage our network of professional waste brokers to provide any services you need. Installation, service, and expert advice is always a phone call away, anywhere in the country.

Waste Solutions for Your Building or Business

By using chute systems for your apartment complex or high rise building, you can reduce handling, labor, and hauling costs by 50% or more, allowing your new trash compactor to pay for itself over time. Having short trips to the nearest trash chute is a marketable perk of your building, and it eliminates having tenants or staff riding the elevators with bags of trash.

trash compactor

You can order our chute-fed trash compactor online, apply for financing, or call GTS for a free quote. Find out more about the services we offer and how you can pay less for better waste management at one building or multiple locations. Contact us to drop your building trash problems today.

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