What Is a Chute Fed Trash Compactor?

by Global Trash Solutions

Residential and commercial buildings that have multiple levels can often benefit from a chute fed trash compactor system, which routes waste directly to the ground level or basement for more efficient waste disposal. So what types of buildings and facilities use chute fed trash compactors, and how do they streamline waste management and lower costs for building owners?

Not only do commercial trash compactors drastically reduce the volume of trash your building produces, but by using a chute and hopper system, you keep garbage handling to a minimum for your residents and your staff.

By installing a chute fed trash compactor system, you keep your facility cleaner and support the environmental goals of your tenants and your community. With the right information about the costs and benefits, you can take a high-level view of your high-rise waste management.

Our graphic guide to the benefits of a chute fed trash handling system can help you decide to take the plunge.

What Is a Chute Fed Trash Compactor Infographic

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