Waste and Recycling Solutions for Restaurants

by Global Trash Solutions


Global Trash Solutions specializes in recycling solutions for restaurants and owners who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their waste and recycling bills. GTS offers solutions custom tailored specifically to owner operators who have large volumes of restaurant waste. Waste markets are regionalized to the point where a neighboring town may have different rules and regulation than the city next door. This makes it extremely difficult for restaurant owner and operators to stay on top of every new health and safety measure being enacted throughout the country.

We have the knowledge and presence in every major market in the United States to help you to make decisions based upon our knowledge, your goals and ultimately the market in which you operate. By partnering with Global Trash Solutions the restaurant operator can rest assured knowing that they are paying the lowest rate available in their market as well as helping the environment in terms of service levels and recycling measures. Green measures, as it relates to restaurants, can be tricky and confusing if not addressed by an authority; GTS designs green initiatives based at the restaurant site level. The hot new topic in restaurant waste is organics recycling but it isn’t always cost effective or green depending on where you are in the country. GTS will listen to your goals and research your garbage to determine the highest and best use in terms of recycling at your specific restaurant(s).

Not only have we developed systems for recycling and cost savings for restaurants, but we have also developed commercial trash compaction equipment specifically designed for restaurant waste. If you are considering indoor or outdoor trash compaction equipment for your restaurant we have the latest in designs and technology to best serve your business. Global Trash Solutions is a one phone call resource for all of your waste and recycling needs whether it is consulting or equipment – so give us a call for a no cost evaluation of your business needs.



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