Waste Management Consultants are Changing the Way Businesses Handle Trash

by Global Trash Solutions

Waste management consultants - two men shaking hands

Waste management consultants are businesses and individuals that help companies develop the best possible solutions for trash disposal and recycling processes. Business owners have so many responsibilities that finding the most economical and environmentally-sound way of disposing of their businesses waste products does not always make it to the top of their list. Many companies hire waste management consultants as a resource to help with ISO or LEED certification, or simply to help them save time. Professional waste consultants exist in a variety of forms; some function as brokers, while others may have worked for hauling companies in the past and have developed enough expertise to function as an independent waste consultant.

Waste consultants usually find a host of ways to save their clients money on trash removal.  If their client does not already recycle, the first step is to get as much material as possible out of the trash can. Many items such as paper, corrugated cardboard, glass, plastic, aluminum, and even food scraps (in some areas) can be redirected out of the waste stream and diverted to other containers. Depending on the market for recyclables established in the yellow sheet, these items may actually have cash value, so businesses can get a rebate for recyclables rather than paying to have them removed.

Global Trash Solutions has a reputation for being the best waste consultant in the industry, especially when it comes to restaurant garbage. Not only do we develop recommendations for our clients to save money for years to come, but we also dive into their billing history and correct overcharges and billing errors to obtain credits wherever possible. We even work in areas where the city has a contract with the trash hauler and there are no other options for service. We implement creative solutions to lower waste cost no matter what the obstacles are.

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