Waste Broker or Waste Consultant: Which Should I Use?

by Global Trash Solutions

Deciding whether you need to work with commercial trash brokers or waste management consultants depends on what types of services your organization needs in order to take control of your waste management costs. Does your facility need advice, guidance, and access to resources, or would it be simpler and more cost effective to let a team of experts handle the entire process?

When to Choose Waste Consulting Services

When you need a team of experts to help you take control of your costs by providing recommendations and resources, waste consulting will provide the answers and information you seek. Waste management consultants can increase your knowledge about your trash and recycling production, assist in developing a cost-saving action plan, then facilitate a smooth implementation.

Look for a comprehensive suite of waste consulting services to include:

  • Audit and analysis to learn about your waste stream and current waste costs, then identify opportunities for improvement
  • Detailed recommendations outlining specific cost savings for each available option identified
  • Implementation planning and guidance to put your chosen strategies into practice
  • Monitoring and reporting to keep you informed of the results and to fine-tune your waste disposal processes as needs change

When to Choose Waste Brokering Services

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For companies that need a total solution, waste brokering offers full waste management services for businesses that want more than solid advice and assistance. Sometimes called trash brokers, professional waste brokers take on responsibility for your company’s waste collection contracts and disposal processes.

Your waste broker should help lower costs and streamline service by providing:

  • A single point of contact for all your waste management concerns and questions
  • Consolidated billing across multiple locations and ongoing vendor management on your behalf
  • A nationwide network of waste haulers and recyclers to provide exactly the services your business needs at the lowest possible price
  • Focused management and attention to the details of money saving equipment, haulers, scheduling, and contract negotiation as your professional advocate in the marketplace

Choosing Professional Waste Brokers and Consultants

At Global Trash Solutions (GTS), we work seamlessly with our expanded network of third-party haulers and contractors to meet the requirements of any size commercial, retail, or industrial client. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation with locations across the United States, our waste management consultants and brokers will handle all aspects of your waste and recycling needs from start to finish for a cost that is based on how much you save!

If you would like us to handle your trash from start to finish, or you simply want to tap the talented minds of our consultants to save money and become more efficient, Global Trash Solutions is here to help. For more information or to decide which program is right for your business, talk to one of our expert consultants! Give us a call now at (866) 570-9638 or drop us a line at info@globaltrashsolutions.com.

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