Should You Purchase a Used Trash Compactor for Your Business?

by Global Trash Solutions


Are you thinking of purchasing a used trash compactor? Reducing waste and saving money are major concerns for most businesses world wide. We know that reducing the amount of trash reduces the waste hauling cost, and it helps protect our landfills and the environment. Trash is not a subject that is usually first on any business owners to-do-list.

Owners and operators need to investigate before deciding on either a new or used compactor; they need to make the unknown – known.  Some questions you may be asking yourself are — do we need a compactor?  How much waste are we generating?  What size and type do we need?  Do we need a indoor or outdoor compactor?  Who will be the hauler? Do we have a choice, or it is franchised? (one hauler must be used)  Do we have the capital to either purchase new or used?  What is our return on investment?  The list goes on and on, along with the anxiety.

Today, business owners look for the “best deal” – price and quality of product are the primary factors in making a solid business decision. Buying new equipment is usually the first choice, but it’s not always reality. Purchasing a used compactor can save a business owner substantial amounts of money. A used compactor allows companies with small budgets to reduce their investment, minimizing the risk and burden on their cash flow.

A used compactor will provide many other advantages such as diminishing the cost of transportation trash to the disposal site, saves labor, keeps away unwanted pests, controls odor, creates a better work environment, saves customer parking spaces, reduces fire hazards which saves on insurance cost, stops others from using your compactor for their trash disposal, and it helps stop pilferage.  For information on how Global Trash Solutions can help you save money with our industrial used trash compactor contact us at 1-800-760-8194.



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