Trash: How Long Does It Last? Infographic

by Global Trash Solutions

When we toss things into the trash, have you ever wondered how long it would take for something to decompose and break down? You might be surprised to learn that many types of waste materials take hundreds of years to decompose. Yet, others like glass will never decompose at all.

All sorts of waste end up in the trash, including solid waste, food waste, and recyclable waste. The next time you are getting ready to put something into the trash, ask yourself:

  • Could I recycle this? Many types of recyclable materials can be compacted, bundled, and sold to others to create a new revenue stream for your business.
  • Is this waste compostable? Compostable waste is typically various types of food waste. By starting a composting pile, the waste is broken down and turned into rich, organic soil. Worm farms are all the rage, right now, and are perfect for composting. Plus, you can sell the organic soil your worms make.

To find out how much waste each American generates every day, the estimated amount of time it takes for discard products to decompose, and what affects the decomposition times, we invite you to check out the following infographic.

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Trash: How Long Does It Last?

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