Which Trash Compactor Is the Best for My Business or Home?

by Global Trash Solutions

If you own a property or business that produces a large volume of trash or recyclables, you are probably seeking the most economical solution for garbage disposal. Have you looked into a waste compactor only to be told that you are too limited on space or that your dumpster corral or waste storage area does not meet the specifications needed to install a commercial trash compactor?

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Waste Compactor

Finding the best trash compactor for your home or business is easier when you have access to the full range of modern equipment, which is designed for all types of waste materials, volumes, and installation locations.

Trash Bag Pile

  • Quantity of material to be processed. Analyzing your waste stream and determining the volume of materials to be compressed or baled will guide your decision. Transfer stations or heavy industrial users may need stationary compactors to manage the volume of waste generated.
  • Type of waste materials produced. Just as compactor sizes vary widely, so does their ability to process various types of materials. Industrial trash compactors can compress food waste, cardboard, paper, packing materials, wood, and metal, but not every model is appropriate for every material.
  • Training level required to operate safely. When you buy a trash compactor, it should have the safety features necessary for its intended user. Smaller self-contained compactors generally do not require the level of training that a large commercial unit does. Smaller units also create smaller bales of compressed material, making disposal of the finished and bagged garbage easier.
  • Compatibility with chute-fed or other systems. Residential units and some manufacturing facilities may require vertical trash compactors which can accommodate chutes or conveyor feeding. Selecting the best trash compactor for apartment buildings, college dormitories, or other building-wide systems may require a discussion with a waste management consultant.
  • Local requirements for pickup and disposal. You may be required to comply with hauler rules or local regulations regarding the size and weight of trash and recyclable units, or industry regulations might specify features your trash compactor must have.

Consider the Wide Variety of Trash Compactors Now Available

Each application and locality is different, so there really is no substitute for a free consultation with the industry experts at Global Trash Solutions. Not only can we recommend equipment based on your intended use, but we have a network of contacts with trash haulers and recycling buyers nationwide. This expertise can help guide your choice between these options:

Small Indoor Stand-Alone Trash Compactors. The GTS1500 is a popular choice for homes and small businesses. Its ability to fit into small spaces and attractive appearance make it well suited for cruise ships, casinos, and hotels. By reducing volume 7:1, you can save money on container sizes or by-the-bag pricing systems, and there is no need for a lift cart with this smaller unit.

{{GTS 2000 YouTube Video Here}}

Larger Indoor Commercial Trash Compactors. The GTS2000 steps up to a 15:1 rate of compaction and handles newspaper, hard and soft plastic, and metals. It has a clean and appealing look, produces cubes of 125 lbs. or less, and comes with a dolly for easy handling. Hotels, casinos, cafeterias, food courts, and small to medium industrial facilities often choose this model.

Self-Contained Liquid-Tight Commercial Trash Compactors. Popular with restaurants, grocery stores, and food service businesses because of its water-tight construction and large chamber size, the Cram-A-Lot Self-Contained model comes in sizes from 10-38 yards. When the volume of trash to be processed is high, this is an effective and sanitary model that can be customized to your needs.

Commercial Stationary Trash Compactors. Many retail businesses choose this type of installation with a 2- to 4-yard size, as well as light industrial plants and hospitals. Heavy industrial users and transfer stations may choose a 5- to 15-yard Cram-A-Lot Stationary Trash Compactor. These workhorses have integral power units and stand up to years of heavy use.

A garbage barge equipped with a garbage compactor

Chute-Fed and Vertical Trash Compactors. The Cram-A-Lot Chute Fed Apartment Trash Compactor offers chute fed as well as front or rear load options to fit into tight spaces while providing power for a building’s worth of trash. The Cram-A-Lot Vertical Trash Compactor is extremely versatile, loadable from the ground, through the wall, or off a dock, and can grow with your business by accommodating different container sizes. Finally, the Cram-A-Lot X-Press can be chute or hopper fed and is portable, working without concrete pads or anchors, without leaks or odors.

Solid Advice on Solid Waste Management Solutions

At Global Trash Solutions (GTS), we do not just specialize in recommending and supplying the most suitable and economical waste or recycling equipment for your business. We also work as a waste consulting and market research firm for thousands of businesses. We have accumulated the knowledge, experience, and negotiation skills necessary to walk you down the path of finding the best compactor for your specific application, helping you get it installed, and keeping your vendors honest in order to get it serviced for the lowest possible cost.

We specialize in making what appears to be impossible work for your business when it comes to waste and recycling equipment. We even offer customized compactors and balers tailored especially for your needs. Please contact us today at 866-760-8194 to talk about your options.

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