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Which Trash Compactor Is the Best for My Home or Business?

17964444_65a6d4cf47_zDo you own a property or business that produces a large volume of trash or recyclables? Are you seeking the most economical solution, but have limited space for a trash compactor, cardboard baler, or other waste and recycling equipment? Have you been through the exercise of measuring, surveying, and researching equipment, only to find that you are too limited on space or that your dumpster corral or waste storage space does not meet the specifications needed to benefit from a trash compactor?

Which Trash Compactor Is the Best?

Your trash haulers, or the municipalities they have contracted with for commercial trash service, are not always helpful when it comes to finding an inexpensive means of disposing of your enterprises trash and recyclables. If you choose to source your equipment through a company other than the hauler you use for service, your hauler may feign ignorance, tell you there is a cost multiplier to compact trash, tell you the trash is too heavy for their trucks to service, or otherwise put obstacles in your path to keep you at the status quo. That’s because your investment in waste or recycling equipment may take away from their overall revenue, even though it is the best solution for your property and the environment.

At Global Trash Solutions (GTS), we do not just specialize in recommending and supplying the most suitable and economical waste or recycling equipment for your business. GTS works as a waste consulting and market research firm for thousands of businesses. Therefore, we have accumulated the knowledge, experience, and negotiation skills necessary to walk you down the path of finding the best compactor for your specific application, helping you get it installed, and keeping your vendors honest in order to get it serviced for the lowest possible cost. We also have a network of recycling partners who will give the highest rebates available for your recyclable commodities. We welcome the challenge of an uncooperative hauler or municipality, and have overcome many of their objections to help our clients get the best possible price for waste and recycling disposal. We specialize in making what appears to be impossible work for your business when it comes to waste and recycling equipment. We even offer customized compactors and balers tailored especially for your business. Please call us today at (866) 760-8194 to talk about your options.