The Dangers of Buying Used Equipment Online

by Global Trash Solutions

Online shopping is the way of the world today. Thanks to the internet and e-commerce sites, you can buy almost anything online, including clothing, household items, and even groceries. You’ll also find tons of used waste handling equipment online.

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While online shopping offers flexibility and convenience that brick and mortar stores don’t, there are some risks to be aware of, especially when you’re buying waste management equipment. Here are the dangers you’ll want to know about before making a purchase.

The Money Savings May Not Be Worth It

The biggest reason why companies buy used equipment online is to save money—but buying non-certified pre-owned compactors and balers may cost you more than you bargained for in the long run.

More often than not, used pieces of equipment being sold on sites like Craigslist and eBay lack the important details that you need to know. When buying a compactor or a baler, you want to know:

  • How old the equipment is
  • Repair and preventive maintenance history
  • How many hours of use are logged on it
  • If there’s a warranty on the equipment

Another big question you’ll want to answer is whether or not the piece of equipment meets your needs. Buying too small of a compactor may not streamline your business’s waste management process. Buying the wrong used waste management equipment could also result in the need to find replacement parts. In this instance, you’ll want to ensure that replacement parts are still available.

At the end of the day, buying used waste management equipment online may not be worth the risk. Purchasing the wrong equipment or purchasing an item that’s faulty not only puts your money at risk but also puts your employee’s safety at risk as well.

Tips for Buying Used Equipment Online

If purchasing equipment online is the only option, there are some steps you’ll want to take to minimize the risk of purchasing faulty equipment.

Purchase from a Manufacturer

Instead of choosing to shop on websites such as eBay or Craigslist, look on compactor and baler manufacturer websites. You’re likely to find refurbished equipment that’s been pre-certified.

While pre-certified equipment may not be as cheap as an item you find on a bidding website, you don’t have to worry about the item being faulty. Pre-certified products are closely examined and tested to ensure proper functionality.

Hire a Certified Technician to Examine the Equipment

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When purchasing a compactor or baler equipment, be sure to have it looked at by a certified technician. Find a local business that offers commercial waste management services, as they’re likely to also employ waste management equipment technicians.

With the help of a technician, you can have peace of mind that the equipment is working properly. In the event that there’s a problem, the technician can provide the needed repair services. This is also a good time to schedule any routine preventive maintenance to ensure the equipment runs well—now and long into the future.

Global Trash Solutions: Your Source for Trash Solutions

Purchasing waste management equipment such as a baler or a compactor isn’t a decision to make lightly. Not only is this equipment expensive, the wrong purchase could seriously impact your waste management process. If you’re looking for proven trash solutions, Global Trash Solutions is the company for you.

With our services, you can have peace of mind that your business is following proper waste management protocols. From choosing the right equipment to waste consulting and waste brokering, we’re here to help you through every step of the process.

Ready to get started? Call us today at 866-760-8194 to change how your business handles its waste.

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