The Benefits of Trash Compaction Services

by Global Trash Solutions

Trash compaction is a process of reducing a large volume of garbage into a smaller, more compressed unit using a specialized waste compactor machine. For commercial businesses and other organizations that output a lot of trash, professional trash compaction services can have a variety of benefits that go above and beyond the typical means of disposal. Here’s why more and more business owners are turning to trash compaction and compactor repair companies to boost their operations.

Numerous Benefits for Businesses, Communities and the Environment

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The benefits of trash compactor use can be seen throughout the community, from business profits to water quality. Below are just a few examples of the kinds of benefits this service can provide.

Simplifies Waste Handling for Businesses

Compaction reduces the volume of your trash and makes it easier to collect and transport, saving you on labor, collection costs, and trips to the dump. It’s also less messy than handling loose trash and requires a much smaller amount of storage space.

Reduces Safety, Health, and Security Risks

Reducing the amount of trash on the premises decreases waste-related risks. Piles of discarded boxes and trash can pose trip or fire hazards, while trash bins full of rotting food waste can attract insect pests and disease-carrying rodents. If your trash is prone to “dumpster divers,” compaction can also reduce the chance that human scavengers will pilfer discarded items from your trash.

Reduces Impact on Local Communities and Ecosystems

A smaller physical volume of trash means it takes up less space in a dump—and, of course, the less dump space required, the less natural land local governments will have to turn into new waste sites. Compressed trash is also less susceptible to being dropped or windblown, reducing the chance that it will litter the surrounding area or contaminate the environment.

Improves Company Image and Overall Experience

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In the realm of public relations, there’s something to be said for the way cleanliness and environmental friendliness can boost your company image. Updating your waste management equipment and keeping up with commercial compactor repair needs is an opportunity to illustrate your commitment to progress and ecological responsibility.

For customers, vendors, and employees visiting and working in your offices and facilities, the improved disposal and reduction in trash storage also creates a cleaner, more welcoming environment. Not only will employees feel safer working in a less crowded space, they may also experience a rise in morale simply from being in a more comfortable, spacious environment.

Experience the Benefits of Compaction Services from Global Trash Solutions

If you want to reduce your trash volume, mitigate environmental risks, and save as much as 35% on waste and recycling costs, Global Trash Solutions can help. We offer some of the best trash compactor and baler prices, and we can provide commercial compactor and baler repair within 24 hours if your waste equipment breaks down.

Want to consult with us about how you can really streamline your waste management? Call us today at (866) 760-8194 for a free, no-obligation analysis.

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