The Benefits of Dumpster Monitoring

by Global Trash Solutions

Explore the many benefits of dumpster monitoring with Global Trash Solutions. This innovative technology tells you the status of every dumpster, tracks when it is emptied, and even identifies items that are contaminating recycling containers.

With secure dumpster cameras equipped with AI technology, you can:

  • Measure waste volume in real time.
  • Schedule productive pickups.
  • Track hauler service levels.

Save Money with This Cost-Effective System

With a low price per camera, businesses save money by optimizing their waste management budget. You might reduce your waste hauling costs by 50% or more by installing this amazing technology.

Reduce Contamination of Recyclables

The artificial intelligence system identifies items that don’t belong in your dumpsters. By monitoring the dumpster as it is filled, the system can let you know how many pieces of contamination exist from the top all the way to the bottom of the container.

Help the Environment and Boost Your Bottom Line

Your business can leverage all the financial gains of dumpster monitoring, reduce carbon emissions, and help local recycling initiatives with clean loads of valuable resources. Are you interested in learning more about this amazing dumpster monitoring system from Global Trash Solutions? Explore all the benefits of this game-changing waste management tool here:

The benefits of dumpster monitoring infographic

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