How to Solve Waste Problems with a Cardboard Compactor

by Global Trash Solutions

Did you know that the largest source of waste produced by people and businesses is cardboard? Even with an increase in recycling awareness and programs, a large amount of cardboard is still tossed into the trash every single day.

Once cardboard has come into contact with other waste materials, like certain types of liquids, biological waste, or food, it can no longer by reclaimed and reused. Instead, it ends up in landfills and other disposal sites.

Solve Waste Problems

One way to ensure your business is recycling all of the cardboard waste it produces is by obtaining a cardboard compactor and baler from a waste management broker. Business that recycle their own cardboard have several options on how to dispose of the bundles they create.

For instance, your cardboard recycling broker can take care of the day-to-day management of your recycling program. This could include ensuring the cardboard is picked up and hauled away on a regular basis. In addition, they might be able to assist with resale of cardboard bundles to other industries that use recycled cardboard to produce new products. There can even be tax benefits you could gain for having a recycling program.

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is getting a cardboard recycling program started. They might think they have to invest huge sums into purchasing a cardboard compactor. However, what they may not realize is there are rental and leasing options available, too.

Initially, it could be more cost-effective to obtain a recycling compactor through a rental or lease program, and, later, after the company starts receiving the benefits of recycling, then consider purchasing their own machines. You can rent a cardboard baler from PHS Wastekit.

To learn more about cardboard and recycling compactors for your business, contact Global Trash Solutions at 866.760.8194 for more information about our purchase, rental, and leasing options. Remember to inquire about our waste and recycling management consulting services that can help you determine the most effective and efficient methods of recycling.

Cardboard Recycling Brokers

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