Sneaky Haulers: Dealing with Price Discrepancies

by Global Trash Solutions

Have you noticed a rise in your trash bill, but you thought that it was a set price? Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence with trash haulers. When haulers set rates in their contracts, they are typically supposed to remain static for at least a year at a time. However, many times the hauler will increase the pricing before the contract allows them to. In some cases, the base rate itself does not increase but the percentage fees they charge do. The hauler may set static percentages for these fees, but over time increase these percentages. It may not seem like a lot of money at first, which can slip by, unnoticed. But, it can add up to thousands of dollars over time.

This issue is known as “price discrepancy,” and is a common problem among haulers. You may wonder how they get away with this when prices and percentage fees set in your contract are supposed to remain static for a set time. Haulers like to add loose clauses in the fine print of their contracts that are very easy to miss. They also like to throw in added fees, like container maintenance fees, which are of no real benefit to the customer. On top of that, haulers charge fuel and environmental fees that are outlined on the contract as a certain percentage, but it is often increased slowly throughout the contract, even when the contract does not allow for it. Fees like these affect everything, from base rates to overages. Even a small increase can drastically up a monthly hauling bill. With some of these added fees, the customer has the option to opt out. However, the customer typically does not realize that they can. Luckily, the price discrepancy team at Global Trash Solutions (GTS) does. We ensure that our customers are opted out of any unnecessary fees and add-ons, in addition to getting credits back when they are charged incorrectly.Sneaky Haulers Truck

Overages, or “extra yardage,” is another common fee haulers charge. This charge occurs when the container is overfilled during a pickup. Sometimes it can be caused by an increase in sales and actually be valid, but it can also be caused by hauler errors like missed pickups or pickups being performed on the wrong day. When the overage is caused by hauler error, the GTS team works to ensure it is credited back to the customer. You should never be faulted for a hauler’s mistake.

The GTS price discrepancy department will investigate and attempt to get money back on all our customers’ behalf. In addition to finding you savings and managing your account, this is an added value. We deal with contracts daily and can quickly spot when haulers overcharge when they should not. Our experts know who to go to within the hauling companies to get the issue resolved quickly. Haulers like to pass you around without doing anything about the problem. Our team is made up of experts who will get around this and get your credit back as quickly as possible. If you are tired of your bill fluctuating when it should remain static, contact the experts at GTS today for help.

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