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Restaurant Waste Reduction

ID-100107991Restaurant Waste Reduction: Restaurant owners and operators face daily challenges with waste management concerns -such as trash removal, energy consumption, and water waste.  Implementing waste reduction programs benefits both small and large restaurants with significant cost savings, which is essential to the bottom line.  It’s very simple, reducing restaurant waste is a solid business decision and it helps preserve our precious environment…GO GREEN.  Many municipalities and haulers will support financial incentives to restaurants that help reduce waste.  By disposing of products that can be composted or recycled takes up valuable space in landfills and demands the high cost to develop new landfill sites.  Reduction and recycling conserves energy and requires less water consumption.

Help preserve our forests, keep our trees standing tall, and help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which provides habitats for animals and helps prevent erosion of the soil.  When the lack of oxygen is in the landfill, this will cause decomposition that draws the greenhouse methane and carbon dioxide. This can lead to rising global temperatures, sea level change and other effects on our climate.  Landfill disposal costs are slashed when you reduce waste volume–every ton of paper takes 3 cubic yards and valuable landfill space.

A key component to a successful waste reduction program is the proper training of each employee; waste reduction requires everyone’s participation, not just the business owner.  Contact Global Trash Solution at 1-800-760-8194 and our professional staff will help you understand how much trash your business generates and the amount you can reduce through reduction practices, recycling and reuse.  Global Trash Solutions will conduct monthly audits to make sure your program has reduced the amount of waste produced and we will monitor your pick up schedule and container size to make sure you are saving money.



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