Restaurant Waste Reduction: What You Need to Know

by Global Trash Solutions

Are you limiting all three kinds of waste your restaurant produces and keeping food waste to a minimum? Every year there are new opportunities to participate in zero waste initiatives that not only protect our precious food supply and the environment, but can attract more patrons to your eatery.

Understanding the types of waste produced by restaurants, franchises, and mobile food service businesses will help you and your management team to identify opportunities to reduce food and disposable waste by a significant margin. Reducing the volume of waste produced can lower costs for restaurants while improving your reputation as a green business.

Is a waste stream audit the best next step for your restaurant? Have you analyzed your purchasing strategies and existing waste management equipment? Find out what you need to know about restaurant waste reduction with these tips and strategies from Global Trash Solutions. We partner with businesses like yours to improve sustainability and implement innovative waste handling solutions that save money.

Restaurant Waste Reduction: What You Need to Know Infographic

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