Product Spotlight: GTS2000 Indoor Commercial Trash Compactor

by Global Trash Solutions

Are you paying too much for waste management hauling and related services? Are you looking for a way to cut costs and save some money? One effective solution is getting the GTS2000 Indoor Commercial Trash Compactor for your business from Global Trash Solutions.

The GTS2000 Industrial Trash Compactor was carefully designed and manufactured here in the U.S.A. The end result is an indoor trash compactor that can compact fifteen bags of “regular” trash into one bag! Imagine how much space you can save in your dumpster! With fewer bags, it means you can reduce the frequency of pickups to save money.

Another great benefit of the GTS2000 is it can be used as a recycling compactor too. You can compact and bale cardboard, certain plastics, and other such materials. By recycling these materials, you can sell them to other businesses that use recycled materials. Doing so will give you another source of revenue for your business!

indoor commercial trash compactor with custom waste dolly

Features on the GTS2000 Indoor Commercial Compactor

The GTS2000 Commercial Compactor features a sleek design that is easy to clean. It offers superior functionality, with the latest computer-operated controls to keep you and your employees safe. In fact, the GTS2000 requires a start code to operate, ensuring only those with the code can turn on the compactor.

The indoor trash compactor includes a custom waste dolly lift cart to make compacting and transporting trash to the dumpster simple and easy. Loading, compacting, unloading, and transporting to the dumpster or setting the recycled materials aside can be a “one-man” job.

The GTS2000 also features:

  • Durable, Kevlar-Based Coating
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Programmable Logic Control
  • Tamper-Proof Door Sensor
  • Sturdy Steel Frame Design
  • Adjustable 4,000 Pound Draw Latch

Businesses That Can Benefit from the GTS2000 Indoor Trash Compactor  

The GTS2000 was designed to have a small footprint to make it perfect for indoor operations in tight spaces. The GTS2000 is well-suited to handle waste and recycling needs for businesses such as:

  • Hotels
  • Luxury Resorts
  • Spas
  • Casinos
  • Cruise Ships
  • Public and Private Schools
  • Cafeterias
  • Fast Food Chain Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • Full-Service Restaurants
  • Convenience Stores
  • Big Box Retailers
  • Hospitals
  • Walk-In Clinics
  • Dentists’ and Doctors’ Offices

If your business is having difficulties managing waste management costs, the GTS2000 could be the solution you need to start to cut your costs. Most businesses average savings of around 50% or more after getting a GTS2000 Indoor Trash Compactor installed at their business.

Not only can you cut waste management costs with the GTS2000, but you also can improve the sanitation at your business and increase employee productivity. With the GTS2000, since your trash is compacted, you won’t ever have bags of trash overflowing the dumpster again. Exposed trash, as you know, can attract rats, mice, and other pests.

Since operating the GTS2000 is a “one-man” job, you don’t have to have numerous employees spending time on managing large amounts of loose waste when one employee can compact all the waste by themselves in a safe, efficient, and effective manner.

To learn more about the GTS2000 Indoor Commercial Trash Compactor, or to purchase, lease, or schedule a demo, please feel free to contact Global Trash Solutions at 866-760-8194 today! Our experienced waste consultants can also help you discover other ways you could be saving money on your waste hauling and management costs.

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