Prepping Your Apartment Complex for a Trash Compactor

by Global Trash Solutions

Installing a new trash compactor in your apartment complex benefits your tenants and your staff. What steps should you take to prepare the physical site and motivate your residents to use the new, more efficient waste management systems? Let’s explore how to prep a complex for a trash compactor installation.

Prep the People

Call a staff meeting to discuss the process of prepping the apartment complex for the trash compactor installation. Review new procedures and responsibilities with your employees and stress the benefits of the new systems. Send announcements to tenants and put signage up in community areas to build excitement about convenience, aesthetics, and environmental benefits.

Prep the Space

You can work with expert waste consultants to determine what model of commercial trash compactor is right for your site. There are indoor and outdoor trash compactors, chute fed systems, and front load models.

For trash removal, a consultant can help you determine how many cubic yards of waste needs to be processed and the amount of space needed for your equipment. You will also need sufficient driveway space for dumpsters and trash hauling.

Communicate The Benefits of Apartment Trash Compactors

Spread the word about these benefits of your new apartment trash compactors:

  • Safety for staff and residents. Trash compactors for sale now have built in safety features that protect users from injury. Using trash compactors reduces liability by keeping users out of dumpsters and limiting contact with waste materials. In addition to saving space by compacting garbage bags and pizza boxes, your complex will save money on recycling and trash pickup.
  • Cleaner, healthier environment.The area around your apartment complex will be cleaner and more aesthetically appealing to existing tenants and prospective ones. Compacted trash also attracts fewer rodents and insects and means no overflowing dumpsters in the parking lot. Having a trash chute system means no one is walking long distances to access a dumpster.
  • Simple waste disposal processes. The more complicated it is for tenants and staff to comply with your waste management processes, the less likely it is to happen. When you provide an easy to understand process for disposing of trash and recyclables, you not only reduce the amount of waste, but you increase participation in the process.
  • Compliance with regulations. Nothing can hurt the reputation of your rental properties more than being fined for something related to waste management. Whether it is overflowing bins, a rodent problem, or failing to separate and reclaim recyclables, being proactive in participating with federal, state, and local green initiatives protects the value of your properties.

Choose the Right Trash Compactor for Your Apartment Complex

As a building owner or manager, you most likely want the concrete benefits of fewer frequent trash pickups and using less space to store trash and recyclables. Adding a new trash compactor or recycling baler makes good financial sense for most residential buildings. How do you choose the best system for your building layout and the volume of waste it produces?

Chute Fed Trash Compactors for Apartments

If your apartment complexes have multiple levels, a chute system might be the most effective choice. Gravity transports trash from chutes on each floor to the lowest level and into the compactor. Sensors determine when there is enough waste material and activate the compression cycle. A light tells staff when the equipment needs to be emptied. This setup keeps tenants or staff from having to ride elevators carrying garbage or recycling bins, and it is a selling point for new tenants.

Indoor and Portable Trash Compactors for Apartments

If your building is spread out with only one or two floors, the right solution might be to put portable trash compactors in each wing or section of the building. These smaller units can be stationary and emptied when full, or they can be self-contained and mobile. Leakproof and odor-free when used properly, these flexible units drastically reduce the volume of trash in your complex without changing your other processes and systems.

Recycling Balers for Apartments

By separating and baling recyclable materials like cardboard or plastic, your residential complex can keep these materials out of landfills and reclaim their usability for recycling markets by using a recycling baler. Free pickup of clean and baled cardboard can save you money while promoting recycling among your residents.

Work with a Waste Consultant to Prep Your Complex

Apartment compactor

Global Trash Solutions offers a free evaluation to help you choose the right waste management equipment for your buildings. Don’t limit yourself to the “trash compactor services near me,” when you can speak with an expert waste consultant at no cost. GTS has the right equipment for your installation in a single building and can consolidate your waste management services in any number of locations, across town or across the country.

Our waste brokers can help you with vendor management and better prices on trash-hauling services. We offer financing and leasing on the best commercial trash compactors, as well as service, waste audits, and all the expertise you need to lower costs and enhance your curb appeal. Contact us today to schedule a free evaluation and find out how much your complex can save.

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