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Philadelphia Recycling Over 75% of Our Garbage

ID-10064390Did you realize that the entire city of Philadelphia has recycled over 70% of its garbage for the last two consecutive years? Have you pondered how your business can become a part of this phenomenon? Have you made attempts in the past to train your staff on sorting recyclables from regular solid waste, only to find that this is practically impossible?

As a business owner, you know better than most how troublesome implementing new policies can be after an outmoded business practice has become entrenched in the way your staff performs its day-to-day tasks. Training your staff to simply sort recyclables from regular trash can be a problem in and of itself, let alone training customers to take the same measures in the lobby of your business. Nevertheless, the 2014 Philadelphia Greenworks progress report cites that commercial properties are responsible for the bulk of the landfill diversion this year. Businesses such as restaurants, supermarkets, and hotels are responsible for 73% of materials recycled in the past year, which proves that recycling is not as great a challenge to implement, if you know what steps to take.

Global Trash Solutions (GTS) is well-versed in the recycling mandates that are a part of Philadelphia’s strategy to obtain its goal of 100% landfill diversion. GTS has helped countless businesses across the country in places like Seattle, Washington, San Francisco, California, and New York City meet and exceed the landfill diversion goals. GTS has helped companies such as Panera Bread, McDonald’s, Burger King, and Starbucks implement single stream recycling programs, organic recycling programs, and full-scale landfill diversion efforts aimed at exceeding their expectations.

GTS recently brought our expertise and experience to the city of Philadelphia, and assisted McDonald’s owner/operators Kenneth Youngblood and Anthony Micale in implementing recycling mandates at their restaurants, in addition to making sure they were compliant with all of Philadelphia’s new recycling legislation. GTS also negotiated these McDonald’s owner’s hauling costs, saving them approximately 45% of their total monthly expenses. If you would like help with your company’s recycling efforts in Philadelphia, or would simply like to take advantage of lower pricing for a waste and recycling service, please contact Global Trash Solutions today at (866) 760-8194.

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