Philadelphia Businesses Are Working Toward Zero Waste by 2035

by Global Trash Solutions

Using commercial recycling plans and working with waste reduction consultants to drastically reduce garbage that winds up in landfills, Philadelphia businesses, public organizations, and industries are looking to achieve zero waste by 2035. As part of the Greenworks project launched in 2016 by the Office of Sustainability, individuals and commercial producers are inspired to cut down on the 1.5 million tons of waste the city disposes of each year.1

Innovative Waste Management and Recycling Solutions Are Needed

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Businesses and commercial enterprises in Philadelphia have made great strides in waste management by using improved recycling plans to recycle most of their trash. However, many businesses could do more and reduce costs significantly by more effectively compressing, baling, and simplifying sorting methods for employees.

Every commercial source of waste in the Philadelphia area is required to file a Commercial Waste Report annually, which outlines their efforts to improve material recycling, provides totals of recycled materials versus those which went to landfills, and details their efforts for the next year to improve on the current numbers. This replaces the previous Commercial Recycling Plan. By working toward Philadelphia’s goal to eliminate the use of landfills and incinerators by 2035, these industries and small businesses will be ahead of the game.

Engaging with a waste management consulting firm can improve your ability to resell clean recyclables to a recycling broker or industrial buyer. Full-scale landfill diversion efforts are already underway as businesses seek to become Zero Waste Partners with the City of Philadelphia. Global Trash Solutions (GTS) is well-versed in the recycling mandates that are a part of Philadelphia’s strategy to obtain its goal of 100% landfill diversion.

GTS has helped countless businesses across the country meet and exceed the landfill diversion goals. Industries with cardboard waste or packing materials, medical facilities, grocery stores, and almost any business with a monthly recycling or garbage hauling bill can benefit from waste stream management. Restaurants such as Panera Bread, McDonald’s, Burger King, and Starbucks implement single stream recycling programs, organic recycling programs, and full-scale landfill diversion efforts aimed at meeting the requirements of local recycling plans.

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For the more than 50,000 Philadelphia businesses working with recycling brokers and local haulers, lowering costs while exceeding the step-by-step plan to achieve Zero Waste by 2035 is a double win. One example is our work with McDonald’s owner/operators Kenneth Youngblood and Anthony Micale in implementing Philadelphia’s recycling mandates at their restaurants.

GTS also negotiated these McDonald’s owners’ hauling costs, saving them approximately 45% of their total monthly expenses. If you would like help with your company’s recycling efforts in Philadelphia or would simply like to take advantage of lower pricing for a waste and recycling service, please contact Global Trash Solutions today at (866) 760-8194.



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