Littering in National Parks

It is no surprise that this perennial problem continues to be in the news. The average American generates over 4…

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Plastic Straw Bans: Will it Make a Difference?

California has recently become the first state to ban plastic straws in restaurants. Beginning in 2019, customers will have to…

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Shipping Industry Cracks Down On Plastic Waste

Cargo ships transport about 90 percent of the world’s consumer goods. At any given time, 5 to 6 million shipping…

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How Better Waste Management Saves Businesses Money [Infographic]

When it comes to the bottom line, saving money is a top priority for businesses. Saving money on services and…

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How Can Your Business Cut Down on Wishful Recycling?

Everyone knows that recycling is an easy way to help keep the planet clean. When in doubt, many people will…

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The Impact of Midterm Elections on the Waste and Recycling Industry

Some changes are being made in Washington following the recent midterm elections. Namely, the Democrats recaptured control of the House…

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The Disappearance of Public Recycling Centers

Public Recycling Centers have been disappearing across the country. In some states, such as California where residents pay a five…

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The Issue of Trash after Hurricane Florence

When Hurricane Florence crashed into the east coastline last week, flooding abounded. More than 30 inches of water accumulated in…

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