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Posted by GTSWeb on Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014
6366080005_a607f0e805_z Do you know if you are getting the best possible rates for waste and recycling service at your company or commercial property? Have you gone from one trash company to another, chasing sweet promises of impeccable service and seeking the lowest possible prices, but after a time found that you were paying more than your original costs? Have you wondered how you can keep this from happening at your business in Pennsylvania? (more…)
Posted by GTSWeb on Wednesday, November 19th, 2014
9619398859_2b6592d341_z Have you ever wondered what it actually costs to dispose of trash and recyclables in Camden, Chester, Atlantic City, or any of the other townships and cities throughout southern New Jersey? Do you own a freestanding property, chain of locations, or manage properties? Have you ever agreed to one price with your garbage company, but ended up paying a different, higher price? Have you been bombarded with language about the rising cost of diesel, environmental compliance charges, and flow control? Are you curious about what those things actually are, and do you wish you could just get a straight answer on what your monthly charge will be? (more…)
Posted by GTSWeb on Wednesday, November 5th, 2014


Do you own a business or commercial property in South Carolina? Have you investigated the resources available to help you save money on waste and recycling service, or do you rely on you own company’s resources to try to keep these costs down? Have you ever noticed that your trash and recycling costs are constantly on the rise? How can you ever know if you are getting the best deal, or will continue to get the best deal? Do you encounter service issues week after week that seem to never get resolved no matter what you do? Do you know what recourse you have in that situation?

Posted by GTSWeb on Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014
Global-Trash-Solutions-1024x685Do you feel restricted because your company owns certain properties where the city mandates who you must use for commercial trash service, but owns other properties that aren't required to use any specific trash company? Have you found that the hauler the city has selected for you is unwilling or unable to accommodate your business by providing the pick-up schedule you prefer? Do their drivers ever inconvenience your staff by leaving the dumpster enclosure gates open, coming at busy times and blocking customer traffic, or leaving trash on the ground after they empty your dumpsters? (more…)
Posted by GTSWeb on Wednesday, October 8th, 2014


  • Do you own a business in New York City that pays for trash or recycling service?
  • Have you had to change your trash company in the past because the company began charging you more than you originally agreed to pay?
  • Are you confused by sections of your trash contract that contain language like "effects of volume change," or base your service on surveys and bag counts that do not reflect the actual volume of trash your establishment actually generates?
  • Has your trash company come to you citing a "raise in disposal rates" that they are passing on to you as mandated by the city?
Posted by GTSWeb on Wednesday, September 24th, 2014
17964444_65a6d4cf47_zDo you own a property or business that produces a large volume of trash or recyclables? Are you seeking the most economical solution, but have limited space for a trash compactor, cardboard baler, or other waste and recycling equipment? Have you been through the exercise of measuring, surveying, and researching equipment, only to find that you are too limited on space or that your dumpster corral or waste storage space does not meet the specifications needed to benefit from a trash compactor? (more…)
Posted by GTSWeb on Wednesday, September 10th, 2014
3221864842_fd2a30676b_zDo you own or oversee the profitability of a business in Southeast Texas? Have you tried multiple times to find ways to reduce your waste and recycling costs, or are you simply too busy to concentrate on keeping the cost of your waste removal low? Have you tried using trash compactors, adding recycling service, or even changing companies (or threatening to change) only to see a temporary decrease in cost, which quickly rebounded to an amount that was higher or close to your original cost? (more…)
Posted by GTSWeb on Wednesday, August 27th, 2014
ID-10064390Did you realize that the entire city of Philadelphia has recycled over 70% of its garbage for the last two consecutive years? Have you pondered how your business can become a part of this phenomenon? Have you made attempts in the past to train your staff on sorting recyclables from regular solid waste, only to find that this is practically impossible? (more…)
Posted by GTSWeb on Wednesday, August 13th, 2014
ID-10074414Have you ever thought about the utilities your company pays for each month in Ohio? When you take the time to review your P&L statement, do you think of your garbage bill as a fixed price; a natural byproduct of your businesses normal day-to-day production? Or have you, like many Ohio business owners, realized that most parts of Ohio have a variety of waste haulers to choose from - some which charge reasonable prices and provide excellent service, and others which grossly overcharge and lack the ingredients essential to maintaining a consistent base of happy customers. (more…)
Posted by GTSWeb on Wednesday, July 30th, 2014
ml_rm_c_lDo you own one or more McDonald's restaurants? Have you made every effort to lower your bill by haggling with your vendors, separating recyclables from your trash containers, and taking measures to reduce the volume of trash your restaurants produce, but still feel that your trash costs are higher than they should be? (more…)
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