How a Business Can Reduce Trash Pick-Ups by Using a Dumpster Compactor

Dumpster Compactor: You may have been walking to your car after enjoying a meal at the food court of your local…

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What Is a Waste Consultant and Why Do You Need One?

In today’s economy, many businesses are looking for creative ways to lower their operating costs and figure out how to…

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An Overview of the Industrial Trash Compactor

What is an industrial trash compactor? In essence, it is any type of compactor that is used by a business…

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What is the Most Efficient Way to Handle Restaurant Garbage?

Restaurant operators are usually more concerned with developing their menu and making their establishment an attractive place to dine than…

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A Guide: Does Purchasing a Compactor Make Sense for my Business?

Most astute Business Owners and CFO’s spend much time pondering how they can maximize their company’s profits and lower their…

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Global Trash Solutions Saves McDonald’s Owners Millions of Dollars Per Year

Global Trash Solutions saves McDonald's owners millions of dollars per year using the GTS 2000 Trash Compactor/Cardboard Baler. Lake Park,…

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San Francisco Panera Bread Sets the Stage for Recycling Processes

Panera Bread is showing restaurants throughout the country that a 75% recycling rate is possible through effective waste management in…

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Panera Bread Tackles the Urban Waste Problem in New York City

Panera Bread has brought an innovative solution to restaurant waste management in Manhattan. (more…)

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