How to Keep Commercial Waste Odor Under Control

Businesses can produce a lot of waste, which unfortunately can lead to a lot of odor. If you are worried…

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Recycling Glass in Florida

Benefits of Recycling Glass Recycling offers many benefits, ranging from saving money on waste costs to reduced waste and pollution…

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Indoor Commercial Compactors: Is there Life after Liftpac?

The Liftpac was an indoor compactor originally built in Oklahoma. It was a decent product with a strong following, and…

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Dealing With Unexpected Costs From Waste Haulers

Most businesses budget their commercial waste disposal costs at a fairly static rate, and expect it to remain in line…

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Here’s the $12 Million Dollar question: How much can we save you?

Later this year Global Trash Solutions will be celebrating our 10th anniversary (more to come on that topic in a…

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Waste Broker or Waste Consultant: Which Should I Use?

Deciding whether you need to work with commercial trash brokers or waste management consultants depends on what types of services…

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Cincinnati’s Dirty Dozen gets cleaned — Compactor Repair

We got a call this winter from the Cincinnati Metro Housing Authority for compactor repair. They have 12 sites throughout…

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Safety Precautions to Use When Operating a Waste Baler or Compactor

While waste balers and compactors are great pieces of equipment to have on hand to help better manage large volumes…

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