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An Overview of the Industrial Trash Compactor

X-Press-Pack-CompactorWhat is an industrial trash compactor? In essence, it is any type of compactor that is used by a business to simplify its waste management processes or save money. Sometimes referred to as a commercial compactor, compacting dumpster, or dumpster compactor, this type of equipment exists in a wide variety of forms and can be used to dispose of everything from cardboard to furniture. A few examples of the industrial trash compactor are pre-crushers, self-contained compactors, balers (both horizontal and vertical), X-press pack compactors, vertical compactors, and indoor compactors.

Pre-crushers are used by many manufacturing facilities and are ideal for disposing of bulky, cumbersome items like furniture and pallets. Pre-crushers work by using a compaction plate to smash whatever items are thrown away into a gate to break them up. Once the items are broken up, the gate is raised and the materials are pushed to the back of the trash container. Self-contained compactors are usually large (between 20-40 cubic yards) and are liquid tight to prevent odor and leaks. Self-contained compactors are usually preferred by restaurants and other businesses that generate large volumes of waste. Self-contained compactors can hold up to 160 cubic yards of trash. Balers are preferred by warehouses and facilities that generate several tons of cardboard per year. The cardboard is baled, loaded onto pallets, and sold. Each ton is worth anywhere from $40-$80 depending on the market. X-press pack and vertical compactors are generally preferred by businesses that produce large volumes of waste, but have limited space for dumpsters. They can help substantially lower the cost of disposal.

With so many different options available, it is important to consult with the right people when deciding the best option for waste disposal. Global Trash Solutions offers all of the above equipment and more. We offer waste contract negotiation as part of our package, so you will always get the best equipment AND the best rates!