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Are My McDonald’s Restaurants Paying the Same Rates for Trash and Recycling Service?

ml_rm_c_lDo you own one or more McDonald’s restaurants? Have you made every effort to lower your bill by haggling with your vendors, separating recyclables from your trash containers, and taking measures to reduce the volume of trash your restaurants produce, but still feel that your trash costs are higher than they should be?

If you have been part of the McDonald’s family long enough, you may remember McDonald’s partnership with the Environmental Defense Fund in the early 90’s

This partnership led to such green initiatives as the elimination of Styrofoam food packaging in favor of recyclable materials, the delivery of cooking oil via trucks that pump cooking oil straight into the restaurant, which bypasses unnecessary shipping materials, and the implementation of reusable condiment pumps inside the restaurant lobbies. These steps all save McDonald’s Owners money because they divert “would be waste” such as styrofoam and ketchup packets from landfills.

Global Trash Solutions (GTS) has realized through our experience that much can be done to help McDonald’s Operators reduce their trash and recycling expenses outside the scope of what was implemented by McDonald’s Partnership with the Environmental Defense Fund. With over 2,500 Franchise-Owned McDonald’s in our portfolio, we have created opportunities for recycling by connecting the dots between supply and demand for the recyclable items that make up the majority of McDonald’s garbage.

We have also recognized the importance of cost reduction for disposal of items that cannot be recycled, and leveraged out market presence to get McDonald’s better pricing for recycling and garbage collection as a whole. For example, some of our clients were not aware that there were low cost organic recycling or food waste programs available in their community, but with our help they are now diverting items that would have otherwise been sent to the landfill. If you would like help lowering your disposal costs at McDonald’s, please call us today at (866) 760- 8194. We look forward to continuing to help McDonald’s reduce its volume of waste as well as its expenses for disposal.