Maximize Profits from Your Recycling Center

by Global Trash Solutions

The benefits of recycling are endless. Fewer items end up in local landfills. Recycling helps to keep the environment cleaner and healthier—but did you know the recycling can also make your recycling center passive income?

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After all of your recyclables like plastic bottles, paper, and cardboard have been sorted, processed, and baled, the next step is to sell the bales. Knowing how to maximize your profits from your business’s recyclables isn’t common knowledge.

Here’s what you need to know about waste recycling services and how they can help you to maximize your monthly profits.

Use a Broker

Recyclables can be sold to a broker or to mills via direct sales. While each case is different, it’s typically best to work with a broker versus selling directly to a paper mill or some other end-market.

Working with a broker from a professional waste management company to conduct sales is often more convenient. Brokers are able to move larger varieties and qualities of recyclable items, including metals, plastics, and fiber. Brokers can also assist with the shipment of materials locally, nationally, and internationally.

A broker will work with you to find viable markets and to find the highest price for the material that your recycling center produces. With a broker, you’ll have the assurance that you’re getting the most from your center’s waste recycling.

Using a broker is especially beneficial if you run a small recycling center and don’t produce large volumes of recyclable materials. A broker is often able to purchase materials from several sources and sell in bulk. This provides better pricing and a secure market.

Always Have a Marketing Agreement

No matter if you decide to sell materials to a broker or to a mill directly, it’s important to always have a marketing agreement in place. The agreement should fully address the sale of materials and all of the applicable terms of the sale.

Most marketing agreements include details such as:

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  • Description of the material (size of bales, moisture content, etc.)
  • Volume of material
  • Sale price and payment terms
  • Floor prices
  • Pickup location and transportation of material
  • Process for addressing rejected loads

With a thorough and detailed marketing agreement, it’s much easier to maximize your earnings and to manage sales.

Choose Global Trash Solutions for Recycling Waste Solutions

There are many waste recycling companies to choose from, but if you’re looking for a professional and experienced company, look no further than Global Trash Solutions. You can count on us for all of your professional waste management needs.

No matter if you’re looking for a broker to help with maximizing recycling earnings or want to learn about commercial waste reduction, you can count on us. Call our team at 866-760-8194 to schedule your free consultation.

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