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How Do I Lower My Garbage Costs in Tampa, Florida?

Tampa-FLAre you confused by the recent flurry of activity surrounding trash and recycling service for your business in unincorporated Hillsborough County? Have you been bombarded with information by one or more trash companies seeking your business? Did you sign up with a new trash company during the transition from a monopoly between three trash companies in June of 2013 to an open market in which you can choose whichever service provider you would like? Have you found that your trash and recycling collection costs are higher than you expected when you signed up because of a myriad of different fees and surcharges that were not specified in the contract you signed?

In September of 2013, commercial properties in unincorporated Hillsborough County were released from all hauling and broker contracts as a result of the expiration and non-renewal of a seventeen-year-old franchise agreement between the county and its three authorized haulers: Waste Management, Waste Services, Inc., and Republic Services. As a result, there was a frantic “free for all” between these three companies to grab up as many commercial accounts as possible between June of 2013, when businesses were allowed to begin negotiating and entering into new commercial service agreements with these vendors, and in September, when the old franchise agreement actually expired. Unfortunately because of the pressure from Corporate to “sign them all up” in as short of a time span as possible, many details were overlooked, and businesses have suffered financially as a result.

Global Trash Solutions has the experience and expertise to help businesses in and around Tampa receive the lowest possible rates and best available service through our customized solutions for waste disposal and recycling. Through years of experience in similar markets, we have developed a proprietary process that has proven to save over 90% of our clients an average of 37% on waste and recycling service. We pride ourselves on helping companies navigate the sometimes tumultuous waste hauling industry, and always come out on top. If you would like help saving your business money in Hillsborough County, please call us today at (866) 760-8194.