Leasing a Trash Compactor for Your Restaurant

by Global Trash Solutions

Are you in the business, or do you have a strong desire to be a restaurant owner….but you don’t have a surplus of cash to purchase good quality equipment? One option would be to lease the equipment.

This would allow you to choose from top quality names and brands without a staggering investment of your capital. Leasing restaurant equipment is the engine that helps drive restaurant owners to obtain new equipment or upgrade aging existing equipment.  When looking at the possibility of leasing equipment, you must factor in quality, cost, convenience and the term.

Restaurant kitchen equipment gets a lot more wear and tear than the average home kitchen equipment. Therefore, leasing rather than purchasing may be a better fit.  Leasing the equipment allows you to save money on your investment, frees up cash for other purchases and if the equipment breaks down, you do not have to pay for repairs.  Also, when the lease expires, you have the opportunity to receive a new model, if you choose to renew the lease.  In life, as in business, you either want your money to make money OR you want your money to make money without spending money.

Leasing a trash compactor from Global Trash Solutions will make your money make money.  By compressing your trash at a 20 to 1 ratio you severely reduce the amount of trash that is collected by your hauler, which in return reduces your trash bill by hundred, if not thousands of dollars per year, and it also plays a major role in protecting our environment.

Leasing a trash compactor delivers tax savings, labor savings, and reduces the use of trash liners.  It improves employee morale and creates a clean and sanitary environment for employees and customers. Global Trash Solutions delivers, installs and performs on-site training for proper use of the equipment.  There are many types and sizes of trash compactors available based on your need and volume.

Contact Global Trash Solutions at 1-800-760-8194 and our experienced, expert staff will discuss the options you have for your operation.

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