Industries That Could Benefit from Renting a Trash Compactor

by Global Trash Solutions

Which industries benefit from a trash compactor or recycling baler? Investing in or leasing modern commercial waste management equipment can result in cost reductions and efficiency gains for almost any industry. Let’s look at some prime examples.

Facilities and Property Management

Residential and commercial facilities generate a large amount of mixed waste, which means there are many benefits to trash compacting and recycling baling. Using an industrial trash compactor with top or side feed, your facility will be reducing the volume of waste by a factor of 3:1 or greater.

Instead of a dumpster overflowing with trash bags, your waste disposal area will have tightly compressed cubes and bales that do not attract insects and rodents. Since most trash haulers charge by volume, your property’s waste management costs can be cut in half.

Hospitals and Medical Centers

The healthcare industry generates medical waste that must be disposed of according to federal, local, and state guidelines. Hospitals and nursing homes generate a large volume of wet and dry waste and often use a self-contained waste management system, including modern trash compactors that are designed to be water-tight and sanitary.

Vertical trash compactors are often ideal for the healthcare industry, which might also need a chute-fed system or portable indoor waste compactors. By reducing the amount of waste that needs to be moved or managed by hand, hospital employees and health care workers can be better protected from potential exposure to medical waste.

Shipping and Distribution Centers

Moving a high volume of products for distribution and transport generates an even higher volume of packaging materials, cardboard, and other recyclables. In addition, a distribution center generates other types of waste that can mix with and contaminate these materials.

Using a commercial trash compactor and recycling balers, distribution centers can compress soft materials and bale them for recycling. Baling recyclables increases their market value and makes them a desirable free pickup for other businesses while protecting the environment by keeping packing materials out of landfills.

Retail Businesses and Shopping Centers

Large retail stores and malls also need to handle and dispose of a large volume of cardboard, paper, and plastic while retail customers and employees add mixed commercial waste to the waste management system. Trash compactors and balers will help reduce your carbon footprint and maintain an eco-friendly company image.

With a more efficient system and fewer trips to the dumpsters, your employees can focus on your customer experience and you can maximize retail space. Compacting reduces your business waste and also limits inventory losses for things that might have been left inside garbage bags.

Food Service, Restaurants, and Hospitality

The food service industry, including restaurants, casinos, cruise ships, and all other hospitality businesses, may benefit the most from a modern waste management system. Self-contained trash compactors are easy to operate and keep leaks and odors from escaping. Commercial balers reduce waste volume and help capture recyclables.

Commercial trash compactors

Your business reputation depends on customers eating, drinking, and staying in a hospitable environment. The right commercial waste management equipment for these industries should be all but invisible to the guest.

Partnering with Industry to Streamline Waste Management

At Global Trash Solutions, we work with hundreds of Fortune 500 companies with locations across the country to implement the most cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions in compliance with regulations and in line with their organizational goals. We are an industry leader in commercial waste management equipment with sales, financing, leasing, and service. Schedule a free consultation to find out how much your small or large business could save on the bottom line by renting a commercial trash compactor from GTS.

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