How an Industrial Trash Compactor Decreases Waste Costs

by Global Trash Solutions

Looking for a way to save your business money and make better use of your resources? Using an industrial trash compactor is an easy, affordable way to decrease the costs your business incurs from storing and processing the waste it produces every day. Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways a trash compactor can lower costs:

  • Fewer waste pickups: The higher the volume of waste a business produces, the more trash pickups they need to pay for. For businesses that produce a lot of waste, whether it’s paper waste, food scraps, or any other type of garbage, the cost of paying for trash pickups can easily get out of control. Using a trash compactor can help reduce these costs immensely by reducing the amount of space your business’ waste takes up by 50-90%. That’s a lot fewer visits by the garbage truck.
  • Save space: In addition to fewer pickups, waste that has been compacted also requires fewer dumpsters to store it all. If your business has trouble finding room to store all of its waste between pickups, an industrial trash compactor is the perfect solution.
  • Improved sanitation: Another benefit of using an industrial trash compactor is that it helps control waste and improve sanitation. Un-compacted waste is more likely to be spilled, dropped, or otherwise exposed, which can lead to an unpleasant atmosphere, and potential health and safety risks.

Trash compactor benefits

  • Better time management: How much money will your business save if employees no longer have to spend their time taking out small loads of trash to an external dumpster, and can quickly dump their waste into a conveniently located compactor instead? Using a trash compactor helps businesses save resources by making “taking out the trash” a less time-consuming and burdensome process, letting staff focus on work that brings in revenue instead.
  • Greener operations: In today’s business environment, being a “green” company is a great way to improve a company’s reputation with consumers. Industrial trash compactors help businesses control waste, reduce carbon emissions from trash pickups, and improve their on-site sanitation levels, all of which go toward making a business more eco-friendly.

Industrial trash compactor

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