Industrial Compactors: What You Need to Know

by Global Trash Solutions

Industrial trash compactors help large manufacturing facilities and a variety of other businesses get the most out of their dumpsters. Some manufacturing facilities get many shipments of raw materials per day that are delivered in cardboard containers. These facilities would be well-advised to purchase a cardboard baler to take care of the leftover packaging. Balers are available in both horizontal and vertical models. They compact cardboard into large cubes that weigh upwards of 1 ton. These cardboard cubes are loaded onto pallets and can be sold.

Facilities that have waste that is difficult to compact such as furniture, drums, or pallets should look into pre-crushers. Pre-crushers break down these bulky items into manageable sizes and then pack them into a dumpster unit. Pre-crushers are also used by some facilities to destroy merchandise and prevent scavenging. They work by pushing a compaction plate into a gate located in the compaction chamber. Once the materials are broken apart, the gate is raised and the materials are pushed into the container that the trash hauler can dump. Other types of industrial trash compactors include vertical compactors, indoor compactors, self-contained compactors, and X-press pack compactors.

Since there are so many types of compactors available on the market, it is important for businesses to consult with someone who really knows what they are talking about with regard to compaction equipment. It can be tempting to accept “free” or rental compaction equipment from trash haulers, but this is often a mistake because haulers build the price of the equipment into their profit margin and it can be costly to remove and install their equipment if you decide to change companies. Equipment supplied by waste haulers may have also been used and recirculated several times so that the compaction ratios are not as high as they should be. Global Trash Solutions offers holistic answers to all kinds of trash problems. We will evaluate your waste stream and provide you with your best options.

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