Indoor Commercial Compactors: Is there Life after Liftpac?

by Global Trash Solutions

The Liftpac was an indoor compactor originally built in Oklahoma. It was a decent product with a strong following, and in its day it was a considerable competitor of Global Trash Solutions. Eventually, however, Liftpac went out of business. The brand was bought by Red Devil Manufacturing, and for about five years, Red Devil produced the indoor compactor under its original name—the Liftpac. By 2014, however, Red Devil Manufacturing underwent its own rebranding and the Liftpac died altogether.

The Liftpac 1000 was the main Liftpac option. It was very popular around the country, but mainly in the Midwest states. Many customers, particularly those in Oklahoma and Texas, still own their Liftpac, but over time, these machines need to be repaired or even replaced. This has proven to be a challenge for many customers because it is difficult to find qualified repairmen, and often impossible to find parts. Because Global Trash Solutions (GTS) offers a similar product, many Liftpac owners have reached out to us for help.

Even though parts are virtually impossible to find, our talented technicians can sometimes repair Liftpacs. However, when repair is not a viable option, GTS can replace your old Liftpac with our signature indoor compactor, the GTS2000. This revolutionary machine is known as the world’s best indoor trash compactor. Its technology is worlds beyond the Liftpac because it has been in constant development for over ten years. The GTS2000’s unmatched technology and efficiency reduces waste hauling costs by up to 60 percent. Plus, like the old Liftpac, the GTS2000 is manufactured in the USA by the GTS team.

Along with offering repair or replacement options for the Liftpac, GTS certified technicians can install and service any compactor or baler. When you sign on with GTS, a service expert will arrive onsite to repair your old compactor or install your new compactor and train your staff to safely operate any new machinery to ensure you get the most out of your equipment. Our highly-trained GTS technicians take pride in manufacturing and maintaining each unit individually.

Our company proudly offers a wide range of services and products, including the world’s best indoor trash compactor. If you are a Liftpac user and need help with repair, maintenance, or replacement of your unit, be sure to reach out to the experts at Global Trash Solutions for help. Call us at (866) 760-8194, send us an email to, or visit our website today.


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