How Your Rental Property Could Benefit from a Commercial Trash Compactor

by Global Trash Solutions

When you own rental property one of the challenges is finding effective ways for your tenants to dispose of their trash. While dumpsters are quite common, they can quickly fill up and overflow. To prevent this from happening, you must schedule more frequent pickups with your trash hauler that increase your waste management expenses.

A better alternative to solving the problem of waste management for your rental property is investing in a commercial compactor. A commercial trash compactor makes disposing of trash more efficient for both your tenants and your waste management costs, thanks to these benefits.

Huge garbage piles next to the dumpster after city fair

1. Stops unsightly dumpster overflows.

Installing a compactor eliminates the unsightly dumpster overflows that happen in larger rental communities. Rather than having trash sticking out of the top and around the sides of the dumpster, it is all neatly compacted inside.

2. Fewer pickups are needed.

Imagine if you could take 15 or 20 bags of trash and compact them down into one bag of trash! You would save a lot of space and be able to accommodate much more trash. By compacting trash, you won’t need your waste hauler to pick up trash as often.

3. Improves safety and reduces liability risks.

Using an outside trash compactor stops people from dumpster diving looking for free stuff that others tossed out. You don’t have to worry as much about people potentially getting injured climbing in and out of dumpsters. Many compactor models have features that prevent access to the inside.

4. Stops rodents and other animals from getting into the trash.

Another great benefit of getting a trash compactor for your rental property is it makes it harder for raccoons, possums, rats, and mice to get into the trash. You won’t ever be greeted by trash strewn around the dumpster, blowing freely across your rental property.

5. Makes your rental community look nice.

You can install the compactor where it is in an enclosed space, so you don’t distract from the natural beauty of your rental property. When giving tours to prospective tenants, they will not be put off by visions of trash bags overflowing from the dumpster and the smell of garbage wafting through the air.

Dumpster containers hidden inside wooden cage

6. There are indoor trash compactors when outdoor space is limited.

If you lack sufficient room outside to install a trash compactor, there are indoor compactors that compact multiple bags of trash down into a tidy cube. While you will still need a dumpster on your property, it won’t get as full as fast, so you can still benefit from reduced pickups and unsightly trash overflows.

7. Saves you money on waste management expenses.

We’ve already touched on how using a compactor can save you money with fewer trash pickups since the trash is compacted. If you also encourage recycling at your rental community, you can have multiple compactors for different waste materials. You can then sell your recycled materials and use the proceeds to keep your rental property looking great.

8. Gets rid of the excess air to fully utilize every square inch of space inside a dumpster.

Did you know that air inside regular trash bags is what takes up the most space inside a dumpster? By compacting trash bags, all that excess air is removed. Without air taking up valuable dumpster space, you can fit more waste into the dumpster.

For further information on how to cut your waste management costs at your rental property by getting a commercial trash compactor, please feel free to contact Global Trash Solutions at 866-760-8194 today!

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