How You Can Save Money with a Commercial Industrial Trash Compactor

by Global Trash Solutions

Looking to save money and cut expenses easily at your business? One area frequently overlooked are waste-hauling costs. Most businesses assume their only solution is to use dumpsters to dispose of their waste. As a result, they often end up paying far more than necessary.

One easy and effective way to cut waste-hauling costs is by getting rid of all those dumpsters and replace them with a commercial industrial trash compactor. An industrial compactor is designed to compact waste. I highlighted “commercial” because you do not use it in the last sentence, which makes readability difficult.

By compacting waste into tidy cubes of trash, it takes up less space. Less space translates to more room for more trash. With more room to space, you will require fewer pickups from your trash hauler.

Fewer pickups translate to less money being spent on waste hauling. Therefore, you will have more money to reinvest in your business.

cash filled dumpster

In addition to saving money on waste-hauling costs, other benefits you can gain with a commercial compactor include:

1. You are helping the environment. Trash cubes take up less space in landfills, cutting down on the amount of waste being dumped. You can even advertise your green efforts in better waste management. This can result in an increase in customers who support businesses that support the environment.

2. Your waste and trash area will be cleaner. A self-contained compactor helps control odors, liquid spills, and reduced problems with animals and rodents. You will not have trash blowing around or strong foul smells. Plus, liquids will not leak out and onto the ground.

3. You can improve recycling efforts. You could invest in two compactors—one for waste and one for recyclable materials. By recycling plastics, cardboard, and other such materials, you make your business even “greener.” As a bonus, you can sell recyclables to other businesses and create a new revenue stream for your business.

4. Customization options can reduce the number of trips needed to deposit waste. You could add a trash chute or other options to make it easier to deposit trash and waste directly into the compactor. Adding customizations will free up your employees to perform other maintenance and facility tasks.

X-Press Pack Compactor

5. You can reclaim lost space and repurpose it for other uses. By getting rid of dumpsters and switching to a single commercial compactor, you will have more space available. You could use this space for storage, install a new loading dock, and more.

Getting the Best Price on an Industrial Trash Compactor

While your waste hauler may lease or sell industrial compactors, they often charge more than if you shopped for one on your own. It is better to find a reputable company that sells compactors and offers waste consulting services, like Global Trash Solutions.

Using a waste consultant ensures you are getting the best price on your commercial compactor. In addition, your consultant can help discover other areas where you could further reduce your waste hauling and waste management expenses.

If you are ready to start saving money on waste hauling and want to cut your waste management expenses by as much as 50% or more, please feel free to contact Global Trash Solutions at 866-760-8194 to speak with one of our waste management consultants today!

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