How Trash Compactors Are Designed for Efficiency

by Global Trash Solutions

No matter what industry or business you operate, waste is produced every single day. The waste is sorted for recycling and then placed into the appropriate bins until bags are full. Then the bags are hauled to dumpsters and picked up by a waste hauler.

Depending on the amount of waste and recyclables generated, you could have daily trash and recyclable pickups further adding to your waste management costs. One solution that has helped improve the efficiency of waste management is an industrial compactor.

self contained trash compactor

How can an industrial trash compactor help improve efficiency at your business? Here are a few of the great reasons and benefits:

1. You are doing something good for the environment.

Sorting waste and compacting it helps reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Plus, you will need fewer scheduled pickups, which helps reduce carbon emissions from waste hauling trucks.

2. Your business will look cleaner.

Instead of your employees, customers, and other visitors seeing piles of trash overflowing from dumpsters, they’ll just see the industrial compactor. Waste is contained inside and out of sight.

3. You reduce the amount of time employees spend on sorting and hauling trash.

Imagine not having to break down cardboard boxes or spend all those hours hauling bags to the dumpster that could be reclaimed for other purposes! Your employees will become more productive since they will have more time for other essential business tasks.

4. You will need less space for trash bins.

By using different types of trash compactors, you will no longer need multiple trash bins and can free up this space. Not to mention, your trash will be compacted into easier-to-manage bundles, bales, and cubes.

5. You make your business safer.

men put cardboard in bramidan baler

Compactors are self-contained, which helps eliminate the problem of dumpster divers. Your employees also don’t have to worry about breaking down waste by hand or dealing with the messes that can occur, leading to slips and falls.

6. Industrial compactors are easy to operate.

While you do need to train your employees on how to safely and correctly operate the compactor, it will not be overly complex. Most modern compactors also have built-in safety features that reduce the risks of potential accidents.

7. Problems with rodents, pests, and odors are reduced.

Since the trash compactor is self-contained, you won’t have to worry as much about rats, mice, and other pests like you do with traditional dumpsters. Not to mention, the odors and smells are not as strong or noticeable.

8. There are types of trash compactors suitable for all size businesses in any industry.

You can find indoor and outdoor compactors that are designed for recyclables, as well as ones that are perfect for organic waste materials, no matter how big or small your business is!

9. Your waste management costs will be reduced.

By compacting recyclables and waste materials, you won’t need as many pickups. You could reduce daily pickups down to a few times a week.

For further information about different types of trash compactors perfect for your business and assistance in uncovering the most efficient way to reduce your waste hauling and waste management costs, please feel free to contact Global Trash Solutions at 866-760-8194 today!

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