How to Reduce Business Waste

by Global Trash Solutions

Many businesses wonder how to reduce their business waste and lower the costs of waste disposal. No matter what your starting point, your company can probably improve your recycling programs and focus on reducing the amount of trash that goes to the landfill with these waste management ideas for your business.

The Benefits of Business Waste Reduction

By taking more steps to reduce the amount of waste your business produces, you can simultaneously:

  • Protect your community’s natural resources
  • Improve your business reputation for green practices
  • Boost employee participation and morale
  • Comply with local zero-waste and recycling programs
  • Reduce the risk of fines, fees, or liability for mismanagement of waste
  • Enjoy cost savings of 35% or more on waste management

Waste Reduction Strategies for Your Business

Before focusing on how to reduce trash pickups for your business, turn your attention to the types of waste your company produces and question your previous assumptions on everything that goes in the garbage.

  • Analyze your waste streams. A professional waste audit will tell you to the pound what types of materials are being thrown out, allowing you to find alternative ways to reduce production, reuse or donate items, and divert recyclable or compostable
  • Investigate new technology. Determine the return on investment in new waste management equipment. By adding a dumpster compactor and a recycling baler, your business can reduce the volume of waste by a significant amount and reclaim your recyclables’ market value. Trash compactors can often pay for themselves almost immediately.
  • Eliminate wasteful practices. Reduce the printing of office documents, the use of disposable products like cups or packing materials that cannot be composted or recycled, and encourage employees to participate in recycling and composting programs.
  • Start composting. Organic and food waste is one of the heaviest items in your trash. Implement your own composting system if local municipalities do not accept materials for composting to turn costly garbage into green landscaping material.

Implementing Innovative Waste Management Solutions

Once you know the size of your problem and the opportunities for improvement, working with a consulting firm like Global Trash Solutions can help you discover new waste management technologies. By putting a dumpster compactor in place, you can drastically reduce the volume of trash and the costs associated with waste removal.

You can:

  • Reduce the size of your dumpsters
  • Lower the frequency of pickups
  • Eliminate charges for overfilled containers
  • Lower the contamination rate of your recyclables
  • Re-negotiate your commercial dumpster service and recycling contracts

Professional Equipment and Contract Negotiation

There are many equipment options available to meet every industry’s needs, and the cost savings of implementing a new waste management system makes them a smart investment.

  • Most large restaurants use 15-40 cubic yard self-contained compactors because the container that holds the trash is sealed and liquid-tight, which prevents foul odor and unsightly messes.
  • Apartment buildings generally prefer a chute-fed dumpster compactor because residents can simply drop their trash down a chute, and it goes right into the dumpster.
  • Hotels, schools, casinos, and cruise ships prefer self-contained indoor compactors in areas visible to guests or visitors. These allow discreet removal of bagged cubes and stop the endless emptying of trash bins by compacting the garbage where it is created.

A business needs to weigh all of the options when deciding the best solution for trash removal. GTS consultants are industry experts that offer unbiased advice on the most efficient and cost-effective solution for handling the garbage at all types of businesses.

Your Partner in Waste Reduction

GTS offers a complimentary consulting service with our equipment’s purchase, giving you the advantage of a team of professional negotiators with a vast network of contractors nationwide. Even if you believe you are locked into a contract or must use a specific hauler, our consultants have the tools and expertise to find you better rates and lower fees. Contact us today to turn your waste management plans into a cost-effective reality.



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