How to Lower Your Apartment Complex Waste Bill

by Global Trash Solutions

Are you looking to lower an apartment complex waste bill or reduce the costs of waste management across multiple locations?

Many high-rise apartment buildings and multi-unit residential properties use a system of multiple front-load dumpsters or containers to collect waste and recycling. Most of these property managers or building owners could reduce their waste management bill by installing a trash compactor in their apartment complex.

As an example, many rental properties need as many as three dumpster pickups each week. By finding a commercial grade trash compactor for sale, they can go down to one pickup per week and use less space for trash handling and storage.

Handling Waste Management in Apartment Complexes

Single family residences and buildings with fewer than five units do not face the same challenges as large apartment complexes and high rise condos. Each unit in your building adds to the volume of solid waste and recyclables that are generated at your location. Some of the ways to effectively manage this volume of trash include:

Expand Trash Disposal Systems

Your tenants are more likely to use the proper disposal methods and equipment if these are easily accessible. If there is a trash chute, recycling bin or self contained compactor trash can nearby, your residents are less likely to dispose of items improperly.

Install a Chute-Fed Trash Compactor

If your apartment complex is multi-level, installing a chute system with a trash compactor below is a very effective way to route trash through the building. Not only do your residents not have to ride elevators or go down the stairs carrying trash bags, but everything is routed to a powerful unit that dramatically reduces the volume of trash your complex produces.

Make Recycling Easier for Residents

Cardboard, glass, and plastic can and should be removed from the waste stream, but unless these items are kept free of contamination, your recycling program might not be generating usable materials with market value. Installing a recycling baler and chute systems for recycling collection can take your complex recycling program to the next level and further reduce your collection service costs.

Create a Plan for Large Disposable Items

Rental apartments and condos will inevitably generate some large items that cannot go down a trash chute or fit in a dumpster. Refrigerators, furniture, and other large items piled next to the dumpsters can generate fines and overage charges from your trash hauler. Since most moves happen around the first of the month, plan for pickup of large items once monthly or provide your renters with this service through your maintenance team.

Prevent Unauthorized Dumping

Your apartment complex might be paying for the disposal of extra trash that it did not generate. This can happen when outside dumpsters are unlocked or if there is no security in your disposal areas. Using a trash compactor will help identify unauthorized dumping while cameras and keycard locks on your trash area can prevent you from paying for trash hauling and handling for your entire neighborhood.

Address Seasonal Changes

If only your residents would produce the same amount and type of waste all year long, at a steady rate, so that you could manage the flow efficiently and schedule recurring pickups which were always well timed. As a property manager or building owner, you know this is not the case. During the winter months holidays and indoor parties can dramatically increase both solid waste and recycling volumes. During the summer, insects and pests can become a problem in trash storage areas. Talking to a waste management consultant can help you recognize and plan for season trends.

Lowering Costs for Apartment Complexes and Large Facilities

Rows of many big plastic yellow dumpster cans near residential building

These are all good reasons to start searching for a “trash compactor near me,” but there is a better way to find out the best waste management strategies for your apartment complex, rental properties, or any commercial enterprise that generates waste. With a no cost consultation from Global Trash Solutions, your business can lower costs and further your green waste initiatives.

Our waste consultants can analyze your needs and recommend the best equipment and processes to lower your waste management costs while improving your tenant satisfaction. GTS waste brokers will network and negotiate to find you the best price for your waste management contracts. We also offer financing and rental of commercial trash compactors and recycling balers.

We have helped commercial plazas, shopping malls, hotels, high-rise apartments, restaurant chains, and industrial facilities rise above their waste management challenges. Browse our line of chute-fed and stand-alone apartment trash compactors, and then reach out to us to partner with industry experts to reduce your waste management costs and realize all the benefits of modern waste solutions.

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