How to Know if You Have Inefficient Waste Equipment

by Global Trash Solutions

Effective systems for commercial waste management increase employee efficiency and help reduce costs for businesses. However, as commercial trash compactors and balers age they can become less efficient and cost-effective. Your facility might generate more or less waste than before, and your service equipment and waste disposal schedule might no longer be effective.

Waste-handling equipment is an important asset for your business. Many businesses rely on commercial waste services, but it’s the equipment you have in place that affects day-to-day operations. Identifying the signs of inefficient waste equipment and services early will help you make informed decisions about the future of your waste management budget.

You’re Using a Standard Dumpster

Modern waste equipment has developed to be more effective than traditional open-top dumpsters and overflowing plastic bags. These often need to be emptied more frequently, which increases costs. An industrial compactor can reduce the amount of solid waste that needs to be removed. Trash compaction equipment can dramatically reduce waste volume and pay for itself in savings on trash hauling and recycling facility pick-ups.

Your Service Levels Are Out of Synch with Production

Are you dumpsters being emptied before they are full? Or the opposite might be true, and your containers might be overflowing by the time scheduled pickup arrives, resulting in excess charges or overflow fees. Maybe your recycling bins only seem to fill up with soda cans and pizza boxes. Working with a waste consultant on a waste stream audit can provide the information you need to right size your rental containers, improve recycling compliance, and optimize pick-up schedules.

Your Trash Hauling Company Is Overcharging

You might have negotiated a contract with a trash hauling company when you opened your business or manufacturing facility that no longer meets the needs of your production line or growing business. Unfortunately, many waste hauling companies in the United States are fine with allowing you to continue paying overage fees every month or waste money on pick-ups you don’t need. Invoicing and vendor management are a big part of planning for the most efficient waste management equipment and services for your business.

The Equipment No Longer Fits Your Needs

Your company may have outgrown the equipment in place if it’s producing more waste than the system can handle. Every trash compactor has a capacity limit. Your business may be producing too much waste, losing raw materials, or be growing so quickly the equipment no longer serves your needs. Conducting an analysis using a continuous improvement model like the Toyota Production System can allow you to reduce costs and improve efficiency with new equipment that pays for itself.

Repair Costs Are Too High

This is often how to tell if waste equipment is bad for business due to age or overuse. If the cost of repairing your equipment exceeds the increase in productivity a piece of equipment can still offer in its lifetime, it may be time for new equipment. Rising service and maintenance requirements can make your system inefficient.

New trash compactors and balers that are breaking down frequently might not be well suited for the type and volume of waste your commercial facility produces. Eliminating waste also applies to getting rid of equipment that is requiring frequent maintenance and impacting employee efficiency during downtimes.

A Professional Recommends an Upgrade

VB 60 inch baler

Scheduling a consultation or waste stream audit with a professional waste management consultant can help you identify the most efficient equipment and processes for your business. Like all other avenues of eliminating waste in lean manufacturing, creating a plan for waste management process improvement often requires expert guidance. Global Trash Solutions has the network of providers, reliable commercial equipment, and advice you need to streamline waste management systems across all industries.

Get Connected with Waste Efficiency Experts

We provide waste consulting, brokering, auditing, and waste reduction services to help your business better manage trash flow, efficiency, and costs. We supply and service new commercial dumpsters, industrial compactors, and recycling balers and can help you choose the right equipment, processes, and vendors to maximize efficiency and boost your bottom line. Reach out today and let our experts guide you to the most efficient waste management solution!

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