How to Know if You Have Inefficient Waste Equipment

by Global Trash Solutions

Waste-handling equipment is an important asset for your business. Many businesses rely on commercial waste services, but it’s the equipment you have in place that affects day-to-day operations. How do you know when it is outdated, not working properly, or otherwise insufficient? Here, we will provide a few insights to help you decide and explain the perks of having the right equipment and commercial waste management plan.

You’re Using a Standard Dumpster

Modern waste equipment has developed to be more effective than traditional open-top dumpsters. These often need to be hauled more frequently, which increases costs. An industrial compactor can reduce the amount of waste that needs to be removed. Trash compaction can result in requiring a fraction of the number of waste-hauling trips.

The Equipment No Longer Serves Its Purpose

Your company may have outgrown the equipment in place if it’s producing more waste than the system can handle. Every trash compactor has a capacity limit. Your business may be producing too much waste or be growing so quickly the equipment no longer serves your needs. It’s also possible the system is too small for the application you chose it for. Whatever the reason, you should consider investing in a more suitable waste-handling system.

Repair Costs Are Too High

It’s important to consider the impact on your budget. If the cost of repairing your equipment exceeds that of any predicted increase in productivity, whether you’re considering compactor repair or fixing a baler machine, it’s time for new equipment. Increased service and maintenance requirements can make your system inefficient. You also want to consider signs of trouble such as excessive noise, which can also be distracting to employees and customers, or whether parts are becoming difficult and/or expensive to find.

A Professional Recommends an Upgrade

Your commercial waste management provider may suggest updates if they notice signs your equipment is inefficient. For example, Global Trash Solutions offers waste management audits to determine the right solutions for our clients. A mechanic can also spot issues and determine whether fixing them is worth the downtime or your business would run more efficiently with a replacement or upgrade.

Your Trash Compactor Doesn’t Fit

If you’ve renovated your office space and this leaves little room for your equipment, finding new accommodations can be a challenge. Space constraints can be a reason to consider new equipment. A more compact system or solutions that a commercial waste management or compactor/baler repair company can provide may resolve your dilemma.

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