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How to Know When It’s Time to Replace or Repair Your Baler

Like any piece of machinery, balers occasionally need routine repairs or, in the worst cases, to be replaced entirely. In order to predict the repair needs for your baler, keep an eye out for these signs:

Industrial baler repair

  • Baler needs more and more replacement parts: Every piece of machinery will eventually have to have a piece of it replaced, and balers are no exception. When parts of a baler begin to break down or stop working correctly more frequently than before, however, it is usually a sign that the machine as a whole is having issues, and most likely needs replacement or repair.
  • Baler makes excessive noise: Another sign of faulty machinery is that it has started making more noise than before during routine operation. If you’ve noticed that your baler is louder now than it ever has been before, it can be a sign that it is struggling to work.
  • Baler takes longer to do its job: Balers are very efficient machines, capable of compacting large amounts of material quickly and efficiently. If a baler struggles to do what were once routine tasks, it is likely that a part is failing or that the machine as a whole is wearing out.
  • Safety hazards: Older, worn out balers can sometimes present safety hazards, such as pinch points and sharp edges. Though these safety concerns may not be affecting the machine’s operation, they are a sign that it is wearing out and will need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Baler no longer meets workplace safety standards: OSHA and other work safety organizations change their guidelines from time to time, and older balers may not meet the newest safety standards. In this case, the baler will need to be replaced or modified to put it in line with current safety regulations, even if it is still working properly.

Baler repair signs

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