How Do I Stop My Waste Hauler From Overcharging Me?

by Global Trash Solutions


  • Do you own a business that pays for waste and recycling service?
  • Has your staff done their best to negotiate your waste and recycling expenses?
  • Despite your company’s best efforts, have you seen your waste bills creep above the original negotiated amount?
  • Have you or your staff had trouble getting the waste and recycling expenses back down to where they ought to be?
  • Have you even changed companies under the premise that your hauling expenses would remain static, only to discover that your new waste hauler uses the same lines and pat answers the old company did to justify unreasonable price increases and hidden fees?

If you have grown tired of playing the waste and recycling hauling game, you are not alone. In truth, thousands of companies are ahead of the curve and have outsourced waste and recycling contract negotiation to companies whose sole responsibility is to oversee these aspects of their business. These waste and recycling experts, sometimes referred to as “consultants” and sometimes “brokers” – depending on whether they subcontract waste services to haulers, or simply act as an impartial third-party advocate for their clients. Waste consultants and waste brokers both act as resources for business owners to turn to for help in reducing their waste hauling and recycling expenses.

Global Trash Solutions (GTS) is a phenomenal resource in the hauling and recycling market for many reasons. Unlike many brokers and consultants, GTS is multi-faceted. We center our service around each clients’ specific need. As a result, we provide waste consulting services, waste brokering services, equipment services (including rental, lease-to-own, and sales for both trash compaction and recyclable processing equipment), and protection from unfair pricing practices on the part of waste haulers. GTS is so confident in our ability to save businesses money that we guarantee new consulting clients a minimum of 10% savings – which is nominal compared to our 37% national average. If you want to take control of your waste expenses and guarantee you are paying fair market value for service for the future of your company, please contact us today at (866) 760-8194.

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