by Global Trash Solutions

If you have visited a casino, taken a cruise, or enjoyed an amusement park, you have probably seen an indoor trash compactor in use, perhaps without even recognizing it. Indoor compactors are self-contained, sanitary, and attractive. Often made of stainless steel, these waste disposal solutions are quietly compressing operating budgets along with a mountain of trash.

By reducing the volume of trash at its source, indoor compactors are ideal for restaurants, hospitals, schools, hotels, resorts, and cruise ships. These businesses find that the benefits of using a waste compactor specifically designed for indoor use go far beyond aesthetics.

Bottom-Line Benefits of an Indoor Trash Compactor

A commercial trash compactor that is leak-proof and mobile provides flexible solutions for business waste disposal. These units can compact trash by a factor of up to 15:1 before it is handled or transported and offer these benefits to your bottom line:

Indoor Commercial Trash Compactor

  • Drastically reduce the amount of employee time spent emptying trash containers
  • Enhance your business image by storing and transporting compacted trash inside a self-contained unit
  • Eliminate spills and overflows which attract pests and offend customers or guests
  • Improve your environmentally friendly image, use fewer garbage bags, and reduce the volume of trash in landfills
  • Remove overflowing trash cans in customer-facing areas with a sleek and modern stationary compactor
  • Use less storage space for compacted trash and save money by offloading garbage or scheduling pickups less often
  • Reduce theft and protect employees from safety risks associated with trips to external dumpsters
  • Experience the waste management cost savings of up to 50% that comes with using a vertical compactor without installing a large piece of equipment

Compacting Your Waste Management Budget

By  considering the savings in  labor, waste hauling fees, tax write-offs, and energy savings, an indoor trash compactor can often pay for itself very quickly. It is a rare opportunity in business to streamline processes and cut costs simultaneously, improving your business image while gaining a return on investment in as little as one year.

At Global Trash Solutions, finding the right options for you is our business. We provide compactors, supplies, recycling, baling, resale, and service brokering for  various industries at more than 2,500 locations. We are a full-service consulting resource dedicated to reducing your trash expenses, with a full line of commercial indoor compactors available. Contact us now for a free consultation about all your waste management needs.

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