How Can An Indoor Compactor Help Your Bottom Line?

by Global Trash Solutions
The GTS 2000 Indoor Compactor
The ever-increasing cost of waste disposal is frustrating to those who own and operate a restaurant. Trash bills inexplicably rise from month-to-month, haulers charge unreasonable fees, and it seems as though every month, the check you write to the waste hauler is larger than the month before.  The good news is that you can take control of these costs by making some basic changes in how you deal with waste. One option is employing the use of a GTS 2000 indoor trash compactor.

Indoor compactors result in fewer weekly pick-ups.

Your trash hauler should only come to your restaurant when you need them—when the dumpster is full. Every time you see their big truck out in your parking lot, they are charging you. Indoor compactors have the power to compress up to twenty individual bags of trash into a single brick, which can be transported to the dumpster with ease. This creates up to twenty times more space in your dumpster, and in turn, leads to fewer pickups. In some cases, an operator can realize savings of up to 60% on waste expenses by simply compacting their garbage before throwing it in the dumpster.

Compactors result in reduced parking lot disruption.

Having the trash picked up can cause business disruptions. Garbage trucks are large, noisy, dirty, and get in the way of everything. They have been known to block incoming and outgoing traffic and block the drive-thru. They can drive off customers and frustrate employees by taking up parking spaces while they work. A compactor will reduce the overall number of trash pick-ups and, in turn, reduce the potential for a cluttered lot or lost business in the midst of a lunch or dinner rush.

Compactors reduce the opportunity for work related injury.

Winter weather creates a slip and fall hazard for employees. Ice, snow, and rain can cause even the most careful worker to go down in the parking lot. Eventually, employees must venture out into the harsh weather to take out the garbage. When they do, there is always the risk of a work related injury. Compactors reduce the number of outdoor trips because the trash stays contained within the compactor until it is full. Instead of eight or ten trips, employees may only need to exit the building once or twice. A compactor will keep your employees inside, where it is safe and dry.

An Indoor Compactor is Just One Option: You Have Many.

At Global Trash Solutions, these options are our business. We provide compactors, supplies, recycling, baling, resale, and brokering for the restaurant industry at more than 2500 locations. We are a full-service, single point consulting service dedicated to reducing your trash expenses. In most cases, the compactors we supply to restaurants pay for themselves within the first two years.  Combined with our consulting services, our customers can realize an overall saving 65% on their initial waste disposal cost.
Please give yourself and your business the benefit of reduced costs. Call now for a free consultation at (866) 760-8184 or fill out our form online.

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